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Lifestyle Medicine and Digital Health: Our Greatest Tools Against COVID-19

Is a Healthy Lifestyle the Unexpected Medicine We've Been Searching For?

The medical world, employers and society alike are waiting and hoping for a vaccine or treatment to make COVID-19 disappear, yet overlook key measures that should be implemented today to protect our health in the event of a future pandemic.

Today, we have the opportunity to focus on the "silver bullet" — a preventive approach to healthcare. With COVID-19 hospitalizations numbers showing those with underlying chronic conditions are at the greatest risk, leveraging personalized, digital-first programs to develop healthy lifestyle behaviors can greatly minimize the threat COVID-19 has on your workforce — and protect your employees from lifestyle-related illness.

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  • Why digital health solutions have seen a 65% uptick in interest today compared to prior to the pandemic.1
  • How proper lifestyle management, can decrease the likelihood of experiencing COVID-19 complications.
  • The 3 key factors to deliver an effective program to help individuals manage – and prevent – chronic conditions and health risks.

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