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Psychological Safety
Learn how you can take steps to promote psychological safety in the workplace.

Psychological Safety Toolkit 

Why does psychological safety matter? Burned-out employees are 23% more likely to end up in the ER¹, cost more in healthcare spend annually, cause turnover costs to increase, and decrease productivity of your organization. 

Take proactive steps to promote psychological safety in your workplace. In this toolkit: 

  • The rise of burnout and how to tackle it 
  • On-demand replays from experts and researchers focused on helping you understand the impact of psychological safety in the workplace 
  • The health benefits of psychological safety at work 
  • Steps you can take to create psychological safety across your organization 
  • How wellbeing helps support psychological safety 
  • And, expert insights 


Webinar Replay: Psychological safety and creating new culture pathways

With the pandemic affecting businesses and employees' mental health, return to the workplace has been radically affected. Psychological safety is a precursor to adaptive, innovative performance—which is needed in today's rapidly changing environment at the individual, team, and organizational levels. 

Dr. Batman—occupational health and safety expert, physician, and Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board member—addressed the current issues and offered thoughts for some solutions at HR.com virtual event.  

Stress & Burnout 
Discover how you can make a positive impact on your member's stress levels, happiness, burnout, and sleep.

Stress Awareness Toolkit

Stress symptoms may be affecting your employees' health, even though they might not realize it. Financial stress may lead to fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, decreasing productivity, and choosing tobacco or overeating to compensate.  

Stress is multifaceted with short and long-term consequences. Access tools and resources to navigate new challenges, build resilient teams, reduce stress, and ensure your organization's wellbeing and benefits strategy is comprehensive and holistic. 


Webinar Replay: Happiness, Burnout, & Sleep 

Is happiness the tool we need to cope with burnout? 

Faced with a pandemic and other unprecedented challenges, it’s no surprise that burnout is appearing more frequently among both remote and onsite employees. 

As the people that employees seek help from in times of crisis, HR teams are especially exhausted and facing their own burnout troubles. This is a special replay edition of Dr. Laurie Santos, professor at Yale University and professor of 'The Good Life' course speaking about her research in happiness and how it is still important in challenging times. 

Mental Health
Gain new perspectives and insight on the impact of mental health in the workplace.

eBook: Building better mental health benefits 

It’s hard to navigate the ever-growing universe of mental health point solutions but implementing the right partner can help to improve employee health, increase productivity, and retain high-value talent.  

Virgin Pulse designed its mental health and wellbeing partner ecosystem to solve this important challenge more effectively with a variety of partners that meet you and your population where they are today. 

Leverage the content in this eBook to learn more about each partner and how they uniquely support mental health and wellbeing needs together with Virgin Pulse. 


2022 Mental Health Toolkit 

The pandemic taught us that mental health support must be at the forefront of company culture. Organizations must continuously reevaluate the evolving needs of employees and consider whether they are offering the right support at the right time. 

Use the resources in our 2022 Mental Health Toolkit to gain new perspectives on the impact of mental health in the workplace and a broad range of mental health topics 


Thrive Replay: The Science of Mental Health & Practicing Happiness in the Workplace 

In this Thrive Summit replay, you’ll learn the science behind happiness and hear from Allstate and Equinix about how they are supporting employee wellbeing and mental health and leveraging employee resource groups to support ongoing engagement. 

Led by Kenji Saito, Proctor & Gamble, Kaiti Buehring, Allstate, and Bekki Early, Equinix, this replay brings up essential takeaways to help you establish an engaging culture of health in your organization. 

Employee Wellbeing & Retention 
View insights into the war on talent and how you can increase the effectiveness of your benefits investment.

Quick Read: Winning the War for Talent With Wellbeing 

Employee wellbeing took a direct hit during the pandemic. Work-life integration and wellbeing is now critical to companies in the race for talent. 

The next wave of growth is built on a solid foundation of global health and wellbeing. Are you ready to win the war on talent?  


Infographic: Do This, Not That - Do's and Don'ts of Supporting Employee Wellbeing Right Now 

The pandemic shined a light on some things that shouldn't return to the status quo - employee wellbeing being one of them. Are you using the most effective ways to build a culture of care? Is your current strategy impactful or costly? Do your employees know about their benefits? 

See the Do's and Don'ts of Supporting Employee Wellbeing infographic to find out.Read our new "Do's and Don'ts of Supporting Employee Wellbeing" infographic to find what is (and isn't) working right now.  


Employee Turnover: The impact of mental health, stress, financial worry, and generational needs 

Over 7 in 10 employees in the US considered quitting their jobs in 2021. Is your organization at increased risk for voluntary turnover?

See recently released data from the Virgin Pulse Insights team on the impact of mental health, stress, financial worry, and generational needs on voluntary turnover and discover how to increase the effectiveness of your benefits investment.  

More ways to reduce burnout and improve mental health with Virgin Pulse
Support doesn't stop there! Expand your programs with something for everyone

Live Services: The right help at the right time leads to great outcomes

People need people. When members are supported in the right way, at the right time, we see meaningful change. 

In fact, 75% of members agreed or strongly agreed they feel more focused, present, and motivated at work after engaging with a member of our live services team. 

Discover how Virgin Pulse's Live Services team can empower your population and make a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.


VP+: A seamless, affordable global wellbeing ecosystem

All the things we know you work so hard to accomplish—including increasing engagement in your benefits utilization and positive health outcomes, easing the administrative burden, and cutting costs—can be done simply by implementing VP+.

Let us show you how you can increase member engagement, improve health outcomes, and more with VP+.

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