Racial Sensitivity Language Guide

Does your organization's vocabulary align with your DEI initiatives?

Enacting new policies and practices to build a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable culture is a great start—but your organization may be overlooking the subtle ways that systemic racism presents itself in the workplace.

From casual conversations to official documents, insensitive words and phrases are commonly glossed over, and it's hindering progress towards inclusivity.

Being mindful of racially insensitive language goes beyond educating your workforce on these values. Create a winning workplace culture, improves employee wellbeing, and drive meaningful change by identifying and correcting insensitive language in the workplace. 

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  • 9 inclusive alternatives to outdated words and phrases commonly used in the workplace
  • How small changes can progress your diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
  • How to audit workplace policies, manuals, written processes, and public-facing content and eliminate offensive language

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