Understanding Your ROI and VOI

The Data Showing How You Change Lives For Good

Measuring the value of your investment in Virgin Pulse is imperative in order to fully understand the impact you're having on your employees and your bottom line. The Virgin Pulse Institute has collaborated with leading researchers and multiple organizations to bring you the KPIs that prove out your program's results. 

Partnership Leads to Success

We care about the world we live in, and the people in it. Partnering with organizations like yours to streamline wellbeing strategies is how we all come together to build something better.

Employers using Virgin Pulse saw 2.9x lower worker's compensation costs for members.

reported better coping with stress

31% of our members are using fewer sick days than non-members of the platform.

Understanding Your Analytics

We provide the data that allows you to prove out results for your leadership team and the larger organization. 

Let us enable you to get more done, save money, and build a happier, healthier culture through our integrated products and services.  

Our Value On Investment Framework


VP Members Shifted Out Of High Risk Rating 


The Virgin Pulse ROI/VOI Framework

Just like you, we define success at both the individual and organizational levels to ensure we're focused on both performance and health. Learn more about what data we can provide your organization.



Tracking step activity is an important way to ensure sustained engagement and activity levels. 69% of members classified as high risk for activity have increased their activity using our program.

Spotlight Journey


Understand the impact of your culture by honing in on what your employees are saying across many areas of the organization. Two-thirds of our survey respondents say the program makes their company a better place to work - leading to better retention, higher productivity, and less time missed due to illness.



Virgin Pulse offers an ROI Analytics Service, where you can receive stats comparing program participants vs. non-participants both before and during the program. Your detailed results will give you information on how you have reduced costs, as well as identifying opportunities to save even more.

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Combining live coaching services with our platform saw even better results than platform alone:

-28% of members lost at least 5% of bodyweight (+8%)

-10% of members lowered their blood pressure under 140/90 (+1%)

-82% of tobacco users reported being tobacco free (+45%)