Predictions for Employee Wellbeing in 2017 & Beyond

One thing’s for certain: in the year ahead, employee wellbeing programs will continue to evolve and extend around the world. But what will the future bring? To find out, we tapped Virgin Pulse’s Science Advisory Board, a group of leading researchers and scholars around the world, working to advance the fields of occupational health, wellbeing, and behavior change.

In this webinar replay, Rajiv Kumar, MD, President & Chief Medical Officer of Virgin Pulse, and Dr. Olivia Sackett, Director of Research & Insights at Virgin Pulse will share employee wellbeing predictions from our Science Advisory Board. Their expertise will give us a sneak peek into the future of wellbeing, highlighting areas of innovation and opportunity for employers.

Check out the webinar replay to learn:

  • What to expect from employee wellbeing technology in the years ahead

  • How measurement and reporting capabilities will evolve

  • Ways that employee attitudes and expectations will inform program design

  • Plus many more predictions for the future of workplace wellbeing