A Little Goes a Long Way

Exercise's Impact on Health & Longevity

It’s all too common for employees to spend their days sitting for hours – not just at work but on their commutes and couches, too. More than just a personal problem, employees’ lack of activity is eating away at their well-being and longevity – and your organization.

In this webinar, Dr. I-Min Lee, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, outlines physical activity’s role in health and longevity, and discuss how much physical activity is needed. Dr. Scott Ryan, Senior Research and Data Analyst at Virgin Pulse, will join Dr. Lee. He’ll highlight how successful, real-life well-being programs impact employee activity over time, and offer up tangible takeaways to help you get your people moving (no matter your budget). You'll learn:

  • How physical activity impacts employee health and longevity
  • The current guidelines for physical activity and how much exercise your employees need for good health
  • How employee well-being programs affect your people's activity over time
  • Ways you can support employees' exercise habits without breaking the bank