What's Eating Your Employees?

Nutrition's Effect on Well-being, Performance & Productivity

There’s no doubt about it: healthy employees drive high-performing companies. But there’s a lot to be said for employees’ nutrition, one of the largest factors impacting employees’ health status. The fact of the matter is that many employees aren’t eating healthily a regular basis, and instead turn to fast food for quick, convenient meals.

But poor nutrition doesn’t only impact employees’ waistlines. It also has a negative effect on their cognition, energy, ability to focus, and productivity  - not to mention spending costs at the organizations they work for.

Watch this webinar with Harvard-trained scientist and serious foodie, P.K. Newby, who has more than fifteen years of experience researching diet, obesity, and chronic diseases; studying how people eat; and educating students and the public about a wide range of issues in food and nutrition. Newby will share what really impacts employees’ health and obesity, and highlight why employers should help. You'll learn:

  • How to cut through the noise to truly understand what matters when it comes to employees' nutrition
  • The key eating behaviors effecting employees' health & well-being
  • Innovative ideas you can apply today to support your workforce's nutrition