Spotlight Report: The Wellbeing Support Your Peers Need Right Now

Burnout is raging on both ends of the org chart—are you leaving risk on the table?

Nearly 70%

of C-suite executives are seriously considering switching jobs for one that better supports their wellbeing.

Only 22%

of HR professionals say their wellbeing programs are highly effective.

Investing in employee wellbeing and retaining the C-suite is critical to your organization’s success and bottom line. Drawing from expert data and insights from HR.com and Gallup, we're exploring how HR leaders can intervene and save the C-suite by implementing wellbeing programs that support all employees, including their executive-level peers.

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  • How burnout is affecting the entire organization, including the C-Suite
  • What the Great Resignation & Great Disconnection could mean for your organization
  • Why employers need to focus more on stress and anxiety support
  • What an effective wellbeing program looks like

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