Stress Awareness Toolkit

Access tools and resources to navigate new challenges, build resilient teams, reduce stress, and ensure your organization's wellbeing and benefits strategy is comprehensive and holistic.

Understanding Stress

Stress symptoms may be affecting your employees' health, even though they might not realize it. Financial stress may lead to fatigue, feeling overwhelmed, decreasing productivity and choosing tobacco or overeating to compensate. Stress is multifaceted with short and long-term consequences.


lost employee productivity due to financial stress costs employers $4.7 billion per week (


of respondents say they lose 1 hour or more per day in productivity due to stress (


of US workers suffer from work-related stress, with 25% saying their job is number one stressor (

Making a more resilient culture possible

While stress is a part of everyday life, we know that employees are increasingly feeling the impact of stress both at home and work. In 2021, the Virgin Pulse Mental Health Report showed that 59% of respondents identified as a risk for poor mental health, citing high rates of stress, anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms, or both.
Research shows stress reduces productivity and increases absenteeism and health care costs. Employees are looking to their organizations for tools, resources, and benefits to effectively manage and shift how they are experiencing stress.
By unlocking this toolkit you will have access to resources covering a broad range of stress topics, including:
  • Look at sleep deprivation by industry
  • Guide to reducing stress through financial wellness
  • Proven ways to reduce employee burnout
  • How to plan and successfully navigate stressful micro and macro workplace change
  • See how Virgin Pulse supports the 5 key areas of mental health, including stress, depression and anxiety, sleep, substance use, and resilience
  • And, more!


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