Mental Health Support for Every Person, Every Day

During times of stress, our health and wellbeing often fall by the wayside. This has only been compounded by layoffs, economic pressures, and the intensity of day to day work and life. As a result, mental health and stress reduction is more important than ever.

But you don't have to do this alone - we're all in this together.


Prioritizing Employee Mental Health in Your Organization  

8 in 10 employees report that the pandemic has negatively impacted their mental health.1 Yet, the topic of mental illness remains overlooked as a topic of conversation in the workplace due to shame, denial, and fear of judgment.

This growing mental health crisis is not only harming your employees' health outcomes—it's also hurting your business. It's time for employers, health plans, and institutions to create a culture of acceptance, open up conversations, and eliminate the stigma around mental health for a  happier, healthier, and more productive organization.

1 Forbes


Impact of the mental health & burnout crisis

1 in 5

Americas will experience a mental illness in a given year (CDC)


of American women, 52% of American men in the workforce report experiencing burnout at work (NAMI)

$1 trillion

in lost productivity due to anxiety and depression globally (WHO)

Built-in mental health & stress support delivered by Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse bridges the gap in mental health between no care and critical care with an inclusive and accessible high tech with a human touch solution

Virgin Pulse brings live coaching, guides and communications support to help employers and health plans deliver an approachable, easy first step to mental health services. 

Societal shifts over the recent months are driving rapid change, heightened and evolving perspectives toward work, family and community. Our mental health offerings help you meet this moment for your members.


How We Support Mental Health

Feels less clinical, more approachable

Everyone feels stress sometimes. Our tools help normalize the practice of managing mental wellbeing as a critical component of overall health. We use the language, address familiar feelings and behaviors, and reduce stigma around seeking help. And, we get buy with a little help from our friends (coaches, peers, partners).

Virgin Pulse Supports You and Your People

Impactful outcomes for you and your people

Virgin Pulse Mental Health Solutions

There's no place like Homebase for Health®

Members feel at home with Homebase for Health®, with 45% of users active on the platform at least once a month*. Instead of having to learn a new tool, or navigate an additional system, they can find help for their anxious feelings or lack of motivation in the same place they go to track exercise and schedule their annual physical. 

People need people

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Our Mental Health solution unlocks access to trained mental health coaches who hold advanced degrees in counseling, psychology, and social work and can:

  • Lend near-immediate support & help members create plans to manage stress, sleep, anxiety, depression, finances, and more
  • Increase engagement across your benefits
  • Ease the process across the care spectrum - for members needing specialized or high-acuity mental health care, our coaches work with your health plan and EAP resources
Real results: significantly more members who have three coaching calls on any topic report a reduction in stress compared to those who use the platform alone

Learn more about our person-to-person expertise and capabilities >

Mental Health and Stress Content

The Virgin Pulse digital platform provides members with positive and constructive tools to achieve mental health goals through daily, self-guided courses.

Through our evidence-based content, programming and solutions for stress, anxiety, depression, sleep, mental wellbeing, financial wellbeing, resilience, caregiving, substance abuse and condition-specific support, we cover whole-person health and wellbeing across the entire behavior change continuum.

Our extensive library of health education content gives members quickly actionable tips that engage them in new healthy activities and helps members identify areas of risk by providing resources to support them.   

Integrated Mental Health & Wellbeing Ecosystem

Virgin Pulse’s growing ecosystem of mental health partners expands client options with industry-leading resources to address each member’s unique needs. Our ecosystem simplifies the partner experience by managing all partner vetting, contracting and invoicing to reduce administrative burdens.

Partner solutions span a mental health continuum including:

  • Preventive screenings and mindfulness training
  • Hands-on coaching and anxiety/depression management support
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Substance use
  • Financial wellbeing

Resources for Mental Health and Holistic Wellbeing Programs 

Helping Organizations Build Employee Mental Health & Stress Initiatives

6,000+ organizations, including 25% of the Global Fortune 500, in 190 countries and territories trust Virgin Pulse

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