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Impact of loneliness and isolation

We’ve said it before: healthy employees are happy employees. And the gift keeps on giving because (no surprise here) happier employees are more likely to be physically and mentally healthy.   

Having a robust social network is associated with a reduced risk of depression and anxiety, lower levels of stress, increased motivation to engage in self-care, and longer life. Conversely, studies have noted, “Low social interaction was reported to be similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day and being an alcoholic, more harmful than not exercising, and twice as harmful as obesity.”  

Social connectedness, therefore, creates a sense of belonging, core to social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

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How Virgin Pulse helps people create strong social communities

Strengthening social connections with Virgin Pulse

Overall, social connectedness and positive relationships point to benefits such as better physical health, a longer life span, and better mental health. Virgin Pulse capabilities not only help members connect with their colleagues at work, but also with friends and family outside of work. Our social network community provides fun competitions and motivates users to both initiate and stick with healthy habits that lead to the achievement of their wellbeing goals. A few of the ways Virgin Pulse fosters social connections:

  • challenges
  • social groups
  • shout-outs for recognition
  • content sharing
  • events calendar
  • build a support group with peers and invite 10 friends to join the platform with you
  • and, live guides and coaches for human support

Personal and corporate employee wellbeing challenges

Improve company culture, sense of belonging, and increase engagement across your entire organization with challenges

Be it tracking steps, making healthier nutrition choices or just having a good night's sleep. The competition drummed up by the challenge can be a powerful motivational tool.

No, it's not just logging steps. A workplace wellbeing challenge goes deep into your organization's culture and improves things from the ground up. It provides a platform for change from mindfulness to subtle nutrition tips that makes a more resilient organization.


Work/life integration

Wellbeing experience for your employees, and their friends and family

Virgin Pulse transforms the health and wellbeing of organizations, their people and their families and friends by empowering, inspiring and engaging them to make small, achievable changes in their daily routine that lead to outcomes. To encourage high engagement and social connections, our members can invite up to 10 Friends & Family to participate in a limited experience. 

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Recognition and belonging

Want to high-five a colleague or share a great book? 

Strengthening the psychological power of giving and receiving recognition, Shoutouts are a simple and valuable forum to build connectedness and a culture of recognition in an organization. Shoutouts on the Virgin Pulse platform is a recognition tool that highlights and celebrates the accomplishments of colleagues in a public forum - where others can see, like and comment.

Social Group Boards boost motivation and accountability among employees who share common interests and goals. Employees can join and create on-platform affinity groups based on interests, clubs, and much more.


Share what matters most to you

Supporting others supports our collective wellbeing

Each daily micro-learning is purpose-built to support the individual's needs and interests, but sometimes those around us can use the same message to motivate a change or build relationships across differences. Rather than sharing TikToks, when employees share our evidenced-based content and programming it ensures qualified advice. Members can share daily content cards on their mobile devices with our internal social network, as well as external such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, text, email, and more

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