The Business of Healthy Employees 2019 Survey Report

How does your wellbeing strategy measure up to the competition?

Get detailed results from over 500 HR and business professionals to learn why your peers no longer see wellbeing strategy as a "nice-to-have," rather the data is showing a striking increase in executive buy-in — not to just offer wellbeing as a perk, but as a foundational component of their mission and core values.

Access the survey report to see how wellbeing at work is rapidly changing and stay ahead of the pack to fuel your program's success in 2020 and beyond.

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  • How organizations are using wellbeing to impact business, their employees, and the industry at large
  • Why 67% of executives now believe that wellbeing is the right thing to do and fits their core mission
  • What wellbeing programs are 3x more popular in the U.S. than other countries
  • How HR practitioners are using health technology and what innovations to expect in 2020

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