Healthcare Moneyball:
Population Health Analytics

Pinpoint Cost Drivers, Close Gaps, and Reduce Spend with Population Health Analytics

Understanding the data is the first step to efficiently and effectively improve health outcomes, close gaps in care, and lower healthcare costs for organizations and health plans.

In this THRIVEx replay, you'll learn about Advanced Plan for Health and their robust analytics engine, Poindexter. Poindexter is designed to discover opportunities and to unveil actionable data that helps make smart and proactive decisions to reduce risk, drive down costs, and help us succeed in Changing Lives for Good®.

Meet your speakers

Ron Hildebrandt
Chief Product Officer
Virgin Pulse
Taylor Godbey headshot
Taylor Godbey
Chief Operating Officer
Advanced Plan for Health

In this replay, you'll learn:

  • Why understanding the analytics around population health is key to a successful wellbeing strategy.
  • How to leverage data to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare spending.
  • How predictive analytics tools help to shape a personalized wellbeing experience for each member.

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