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Take your employees on a special journey towards better health and wellbeing as they travel across the globe in the ultimate team-based competition—no passports required!

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Build Stronger Teams

Enable your employees to connect and become closer than ever before while increasing physical activity levels, mental wellbeing and productivity. This 9-week, team-based challenge boosts collaboration and improves communication – both in and outside of work – with lots of laughs along the way.* 

*Comical team names encouraged - yes, we're looking at you, ‘Red Hot Chili Steppers’ and ‘Smells like Team Spirit’!


Whole-Person Digital Wellbeing

There's more to wellbeing than just physical health. That's why we've built a Homebase for Health™—a centralized and unified place to address the full scope of employee wellbeing.

By bringing the tips, tools and expert advice on topics including stress reduction and mental health, nutrition, diversity, equity and inclusion, sleep, financial wellbeing and more, we've created a customizable holistic wellbeing experience to fit the individual needs of each member of your workforce.

With smart AI technology that delivers personalization like no other, your employees will be highly engaged and empowered to achieve their own wellbeing goals.

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Rolled Out in a Matter of Days

This turnkey solution is perfect for organizations looking to kickstart wellbeing and support healthier, happier and more engaged employees. Simple to implement and easy to use, Virgin Pulse offers full admin support including:

  • Multi-channel communications to help you generate interest and increase engagement
  • Reporting and analytics to measure the program's impact and calculate your ROI
  • Multi-lingual support, including platform availability in 20 languages
  • GDPR and APEC CPBR privacy protection

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“It gave us a way to keep the culture preserved during a time when it easily could have been negatively affected by the pandemic."
– Steve Sost, Amneal Pharmaceuticals
"The challenge was a fun way to encourage engagement and team spirit.”
– Paolita Strandberg, Helvar
“I love the app. It’s very user-friendly and has interesting, engaging holistic wellbeing content.”
– Stella Kaszab, H1 Systems

Why choose Virgin Pulse?

With over 16 years of experience, Virgin Pulse is the world's largest, most comprehensive digital health, wellbeing and engagement company.

of members reported a decrease in their stress levels

of members say Virgin Pulse changed their lives for good

of clients choose to partner with Virgin Pulse year after year

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Build a Business Case for Wellbeing

Cut the guesswork with this 4-step roadmap to help you demonstrate the need and value of wellbeing at your organization.

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Establish a Great Culture

Keep your dispersed workforce connected, engaged and motivated with these tips and tactics that'll help you cultivate a great company culture, wherever your employees are.

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Beat Work-from-Home Burnout

68% of employees are experiencing burnout while working from home. Fortunately, there are simple ways to help your remote workforce manage stress.

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