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Understanding the Global Obesity Health Crisis

It's Time for Employers to Address This Growing Public Health Concern

Obesity has become a global health epidemic, with more than one-third of adults classifying as overweight or obese worldwide.

While health isn’t directly determined by weight or size, obesity rates are still on the rise, and so are diabetes, hypertension and obesity-related medical spending. Employers are in a unique position to not only encourage healthy lifestyle changes but also create an inclusive environment that reduces the stigma against overweight employees. 

In this quick read, you'll learn how obesity can serve as a major contributing factor to some life-shortening or disabling illnesses, what populations are most impacted and why employers that take better care of their workforce will see better business results and healthcare cost savings.

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  • What classifies an individual as overweight or obese and how this impacts health outcomes
  • Why obesity-related absenteeism costs employers $4.3 billion annually in the United States 
  • How obesity increases annual healthcare and productivity costs for employers
  • How employers can help their workforce improve their health and productivity with a digital weight management program

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