Virgin Pulse’s partner bundle solution seamlessly enables a connected health experience through a collection of integrated partners in a one-contract buying solution at considerable cost savings.

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One Contract, Ten Categories

Accelerate your benefits with a partner collection designed to impact health care cost drivers, increase productivity and reduce stress. VP+ gives Virgin Pulse clients the flexibility to turn on partners that fit the needs of your population, without adding administrative burden for your benefits team. Designed to streamline the partner procurement and vetting process, each VP+ partner is pre-vetted through a high level of security, data sharing and privacy standards for ease and efficiency. A tiered pricing model and one-contract buying solution eliminates the need to negotiate with and purchase from multiple vendors separately.

Choose from the most sought-after partners in categories including mindfulness and resilience, nutrition, physical activity, musculoskeletal, sleep, tobacco cessation, financial wellbeing and family health, prescription cost savings and expert medical opinion all at one low price, exclusive to Virgin Pulse clients. 

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Headspace is a science-backed mindfulness-based mental health benefit that creates lasting change for organizations looking to improve employee happiness and workforce performance, and cultivate a culture of mindfulness. Participants have on-demand access to hundreds of standalone and series-based meditations, skill-building exercises, sleepcasts, guided workouts, and focus music, all personalized to fit their work life and everyday wellness. 



With over 2.3 million members, Wellbeats is a scalable, affordable and easy-to-use virtual wellbeing solution that empowers habit forming physical and mental health. As a pioneer of the virtual fitness space, the Wellbeats difference lies within the quality and variety of content, security and innovation. With over 1,000 fitness, nutrition and mindfulness classes, there is something for every age, interest, environment and ability level.

VP+ helps employers launch a wellbeing benefit across a broad set of categories that works for everybody and every goal.



Aaptiv is a mobile application offering hundreds of fitness and wellness audio, and now video, classes on-demand. Aaptiv classes can be taken at-home, at the gym, or anywhere in between. All you need is your phone and a pair of headphones. Aaptiv's classes, led by expert trainers, are available across a wide range of categories, including cardio, sleep, meditation, strength training and more. Aaptiv classes have been taken over 30 million times worldwide. With new classes released every week to the exclusive VP Aaptiv App, there is always something new and exciting to keep you engaged. 

VP+ helps employers launch a fitness benefit across a broad set of categories that works for everybody and every goal.



Sworkit is a premium app-based solution that makes fitness simple and approachable. Offering more than 1,000 personalized video workouts, customizable plans and resources, Sworkit helps members around the world adopt and maintain healthy habits for life. Sworkit ranked #1 in a Journal of Medical Internet Research study of fitness apps based on American College of Sports Medicine standards.

VP+ helps employers drive comprehensive physical activity program participation among all members, from absolutely beginners to seasoned athletes and everyone in between.


Financial Wellbeing

Enrich is an award-winning financial wellness program which makes finances fun! Enrich personalizes the experience for each user based on their current goals and has been shown to lower financial stress over time. 

VP+ helps employers empower employees to become financially well, helping them to live happily within their means and enabling them to plan for long-term goals.


Family Health

Ovia Health is the leading maternity and family benefits solution for employers and health plans. Ovia Health's benefits help women and parents grow their families and their careers, while reducing healthcare costs, improving clinical outcomes, and helping employers retain and attract talent. Our apps, Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting, help women and families make important life and health decisions on the parenthood journey. 

VP+ helps employers connect their employees to all three Ovia Health offerings, increasing utilization and supporting the total family health continuum.



The Kaia Program is an app based on multimodal pain management therapy; it delivers daily, personalized physical exercises, behavioral therapy exercises, and patient education on an enrolled user's own smart device and includes access to our human Health Coaches through text. Kaia's proprietary AI engine enables real-time user motion tracking and feedback, built in order to ensure users perform their physical exercises correctly. The primary objective is pain level reduction among users and improvement. Kaia is accessed by end users via an iOS/Android native application for smartphone or tablet. 

VP+ helps employers rapidly adopt Kaia Health into their organization and provides maximum visibility to improve outcomes and help control costs.


Tobacco Cessation

Empower employees to quit tobacco with the only program that combines Mayo Clinic’s proven treatment model with scientific leadership in digital tobacco solutions from Truth Initiative®. Truth Initiative is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization committed to ending tobacco use. The EX Program provides quit support for all tobacco use, including smoking, vaping, and chewing/dipping, and also provides support for parents to help their child quit vaping. 

VP+ helps employers drive participation in smoking cessation to support this important lifestyle change, delivering better health and lowering risk of high health care costs.

Rethink Care

Behavioral and Mental Health

RethinkCare is the leading global behavioral and mental health platform supporting neurodiversity in the workplace and at home. Rethinkcare’s digital experience and on-demand clinical consulting empowers employees across their parenting, professional, and personal needs. More than 12 million members in over 120 countries rely of RethinkCare’s solutions.

VP+ equips employers to proactively address the behavioral health needs of their workforce and build inclusive, high-performing teams.



Foodsmart is eating well made simple. They are the world’s largest telehealth provider of registered dietitians, backed by a digital platform that helps 1.5 million members eat smarter, save time, and save money. VP+ helps employers deliver an innovative nutrition offering that is the only solution clinically proven to reverse food insecurity and chronic conditions like diabetes.

More Health-min

Expert Medical Opinon

Pairing world-leading experts with cutting-edge technology to serve companies worldwide. We’re a global digital health company that offers members virtual access to the best medical minds in the world when facing serious illness. Improve health outcomes, boost productivity, and reduce medical spending—it’s a win-win for employers and employees.

Koa Health-min

Mental Health

With symptoms of anxiety and depression growing nearly 300% in the last two years, supporting your employees’ mental health is no longer an option—it’s a business and moral imperative. Give your employees the mental health support they need when they need it most with Koa Foundations, a digital-first, evidence-based solution from Koa Health.


Prescription Savings

Rx Savings Solutions integrates with Virgin Pulse and any pharmacy benefit to deliver personalized, on-formulary recommendations for lowering prescription costs. Multichannel engagement programs reach the right members at the right times. Dedicated pharmacy professionals help members navigate provider approvals, prescription transfers, and their pharmacy benefit. 


Workforce Resilience

meQuilibrium (meQ) is the #1 global digital resilience solution to build workforce wellbeing and performance. Our mission is to make any workforce a workforce for growth. meQ's data analytics-based approach uses AI to predict workforce risk for burnout, turnover, and behavioral health issues, to prepare employees for growth and propel teams to action.


Sleep Support

Sleepfit is a global, evidence-based digital sleep solution, that uses science & the knowledge of sleep experts to educate and mitigate sleep risks. It’s been designed to help boost performance, safety, wellbeing, mental health and productivity through sleep awareness, screening for sleep disorders and kick-starting healthy sleep habits. 


Sleep Support

SleepWellBaby is a baby-led sleep and settling app that educates and supports parents. Through regular mental health check-ins, SleepWellBaby offers support for struggling parents and provides the education to build their parenting confidence. 


Caregiver Support

Cariloop provides a human-powered Caregiver Support Platform to help working caregivers and families plan for and manage the care of their loved ones. The Platform pairs caregivers with a dedicated, experienced Care Coach who guides families through the many decisions they make over the length of their caregiving journey.

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