Zipongo Foodsmart

Zipongo Foodsmart

Reducing chronic disease by positively impacting the one thing everyone does: Eat.

VP+ helps employers deliver an innovative nutrition offering focused on supporting a wide range of employee needs including food accessibility, chronic condition prevention and digital nutrition interventions to reduce health care costs and improve employee health.

  • Digital nutrition platform that creates a personalized and sustainable approach to food. Foodsmart makes it easy and affordable to eat at home with meal planning tools, a robust recipe library, instant grocery ordering and healthy meal delivery.
  • From food affordability to restaurant menu guidance, Foodsmart helps employees make decisions impactful for their health. As employees engage, they earn Virgin Pulse rewards for completing specific actions, like browsing new recipes.
  • As a leader in nutrition, Foodsmart uses principles of behavioral science as much as nutritional science to impact chronic conditions by incorporating small improvements into every day life.
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