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Whil: Science-based mindfulness solution designed to help employees reduce stress and improve their mental wellbeing.

Whil and VP+ helps organizations deliver proven engagement strategies to increase mindfulness, productivity and resiliency in their people.

Whil is the leading digital training platform for mindfulness, stress resilience, sleep and mental & emotional wellbeing. With Virgin Pulse+, enjoy 3 of Whil’s 12 training collections to help employees learn to meditate, reduce stress and be happier with daily sessions and science-based mini-courses seamlessly integrated into the Virgin Pulse experience. 

VP+ helps employers deliver proven engagement strategies to increase employee mindfulness and productivity. 

VP+ Whil


Together, Virgin Pulse and Whil help employees reduce stress, improve their mental wellbeing and cope with day-to-day challenges with programs based on science, mindfulness and positive psychology. Whil promotes long-term health and mental resiliency with three modules - learn to meditate, reduce stress & anxiety and be happier.

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Over 95% of participating learners say Whil 'helped me reduce stress'


Whil leverages science-based practices for employees to learn and immediately apply new skills. This approach has been developed by the world’s top MDs, PhDs and trainers through decades of experience to cultivate healthier, happier and more engaged employees.

Now available in English, Spanish, French and German

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