Virgin Pulse Product Showcase: Transforming Employee Health with Personalized Solutions

Employers play a crucial role in promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing healthcare costs. By recognizing the connection between employee health and business success, employers have the power to lead the way in creating a healthier workforce. This not only benefits individual employees but also provides a competitive advantage for businesses.

To have the greatest impact, employers must go beyond simply offering health insurance. They should also consider the broader health needs of their employees and the communities they live in. This may involve investing in initiatives to improve access to healthcare, prioritize mental health, enhance health literacy, provide financial literacy and wealth management resources, and promote healthy habits.

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The tools and innovations needed already exist with Virgin Pulse. Employers can begin making an impact today.

In this collection of videos, employee health and wellbeing experts dive deep into how you can empower employees to modify their behaviors and make better choices to improve their health. According to Deloitte, digital tools help enable changes, especially when paired with coaching and nudging¹.

Discover how Virgin Pulse uses claims insights, health and benefits navigation, and multi-modal coaching to empower organizations and the people they serve to make healthy habits that deliver outcomes.

Virgin Pulse is committed to giving leaders access to experts, insights, tools, and support you need to build sustainable cultures of health and wellbeing for your workforce.

¹ How employers can spark a movement to help us live longer and healthier lives

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