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VP Passport™, part of Virgin Pulse’s suite of Return to Workplace solutions, supports vaccination management and mandate compliance for organizations faced with new and ever-changing local and national vaccine requirements.

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Track Employee Vaccination and Testing Status

VP Passport™ is a configurable solution that extends Homebase for Health® with real-time reporting, vaccination and testing status, symptom monitoring and next steps guidance so organizations can effectively navigate the ever-changing path out of this pandemic and ensure the ongoing safety and health of their workforce. 


Real-Time Visibility

A comprehensive dashboard with employee vaccination and testing status enables employers to manage risk and adhere to mandates at scale—whether they have 100 or 100,000 employees. A real-time view with a broad set of filters streamlines the process of staying on top of complex and ever-changing policies. Employers can leverage the data to inform their path to compliance.

Digital Vaccination Card

Digital Vaccination Card

Employees can securely store and digitally carry their vaccination card in their Virgin Pulse app for easy verification of vaccination status—at work or elsewhere. Employers can also view the vaccination card in their dashboard for digital verification.


Communicate Next Steps

Based on employee vaccination or testing status, employers can configure their specific guidance and next steps into the application to ensure effective communication and awareness of policies.

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