The Best Hits of PULSE on Engagement

The Pulse on Employee Experience & Engagement

Catch the event highlights where we'll walk you through evaluating your employee experience and the do's and don'ts of whole-person engagement. Your future self (and workforce) will thank you!


You'll learn: 

Mind the Gap

"It's your employees who create all the economic value for your enterprise. You need, therefore, to stag a remarkable employee experience." - B Joseph Pine II, co-author of The Experience Economy: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money.

A mindful employee experience brings your Employee Value Prop to life, but sometimes there's a disconnect between what you perceive as your employees' experience and what they actually experience themselves.

With retention, recruitment, burnout, and productivity top of mind, we'll share ways to support your workforce with experiences based on the entirety of the employee journey.

Time It Right for Energy Management

And the time is now. We'll break down how to optimize employee experience initiatives and how these choices impact employee engagement and energy management. Your future self (and workforce) will thank you.

Get 'em Engaged

Hybrid, remote, in-the-workplace employees...oh my. We'll share how organizations like yours use their wellbeing program as a core part of the employee experience to engage employees across their populations.

Laura Walmsley

EVP and GM

Brooke Ossenkop

VP Marketing

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