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2022 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Toolkit

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) — they're more than just buzzwords. They’re values that don’t shift, and they help employees feel and perform their best.

DEI is more than a workplace priority. It's essential to both the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your people. Research shows that organizations that successfully establish a diverse, inclusive, and equitable culture can expect eight times greater likelihood of attaining better business results than their competitors.

How can organizations instill a culture of belonging, address the inequities that exist within their own culture, and take purposeful, educated steps to combat them?

2022 DEI Toolkit


Access our 2022 DEI Toolkit for tips, resources, exclusive replays, and practical ideas to help your organization foster a more equitable and supportive workplace. In this toolkit, you will find tools and resources to support your DEI objectives, including:

  • Expert advice: Virgin Pulse, Headspace, ModelExpand, and Moody's DEI leaders discuss how to impact change in organizations
  • How to create a culture of belonging: Remote onboarding to generational inclusion to supporting invisible disabilities to underrepresented employees - guides on how to retain engaged employees
  • Benefits of DEI in the workplace: Resources to help you begin your journey or elevate your current strategy
  • Health equity and the social determinants of health: Practical information to understand your total population
  • Virgin Pulse DEI content and programming: See firsthand how we've increased DEI awareness, healthy habits, and behavior change with the 100 million people we engage daily across 190 countries 


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