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3 Program Tips for the Cold and Flu Season, and Beyond

It's important to do all we can to stay healthy, especially with cold and flu season upon us and as we continue to navigate through a pandemic. Encouraging flu vaccinations and ways to boost your immune system as often as possible to your employees can help them stay healthy this season and beyond because let’s face it, colds and cases of the flu don’t always happen during the typical cold and flu season!

Below are a few tips and ideas to help build on your flu vaccination and health screenings strategy this season.


Tip 1: Entice Employees & Make Flu Shots Rewardable
  • My Care Checklist - My Care Checklist provides personalized recommendations for preventative care including getting an annual flu shot. Members can complete the flu shot rewardable action to earn points on the platform automatically upon completion. This is self-validated unless Virgin Pulse receives claims.
  • Offer Platform Points for Participation - Whether it's an on-site event or at-home test kits, you can easily reward members for participating! One option is to hand out paper vouchers or voucher codes at an on-site event for screenings and flu shots. Additionally, you can add rewardable actions to your game when you integrate with one of our screening partners for on-site or at-home test kits.
  • Drawings - Giveaway drawing prizes such as company swag or an extra day of PTO to a lucky winner, or winners that participate!
Tip 2: Promote your Flu Shot (or Screenings) Initiatives on Platform
  • Announcement Cards - Use Announcement Cards to promote an on-site flu vaccination event along with calendar events sent out through the Client Admin Portal. Add a QR code or hyperlink where they can get more information.
  • Custom Communication Assets - Use digital displays in the office or on your company intranet, or a custom email to communicate an upcoming vaccination event, promotion, or resources where or how employees can receive their flu shot.
  • Champions - Champions are influencers, boots on the ground people that raise their hands and are excited about positive change. Utilize your champions to promote other members to get their flu shots and help answer any questions they may have about how they can benefit on the platform. 
Tip 3: Improve Health Literacy Around Cold and Flu Prevention
  • Custom Daily Cards - Create Custom Daily Cards to promote your flu shot initiative. Get helpful and educational content in front of your employees - these cards support links, segmentation, translations, and more. For more information on Custom Cards, check out the Client Resource Center* for details. 
  • Healthy Habits and Challenges - Healthy habits are an effective way to encourage behavior change around any topic. Create a custom habit or select one from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) content channel that we offer for your next custom healthy habit challenge this fall or winter. For more information on how to create a custom healthy habit and challenge* in the Client Admin Portal.

If you require Screenings support, Virgin Pulse offers a Screenings Suite solution that’s safe, reliable, and flexible. Download our solution sheet and reach out to your Client Success team for more information.

*Visit the Client Resource Center for more information and instructions. Password enabled: VirginPulseCRC!

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