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From Head to Toe: The Proper Workstation to Prevent Back Pain

Tip #1: Adjusting Your Chair

You want to adjust your chair so that your feet are flat to the ground in a 90-degree angle from the floor to the seat of your chair. That way your knees and hips are at the same height.

Pro tip: Your feet might need a boost with a stack of books or a yoga block to help you achieve the 90-degree angle.


Tip #2: Positioning Your Devices

Your monitor and keyboard should be placed directly in front of you. Also, consider keeping things like your phone or mouse that you might commonly reach for during your day close to you.

Pro Tip: A mistake I often see clients make is not having the top of the screen at or slightly below eye level. By looking too far up or down you put added strain on your neck.


Tip #3: Arm & Wrist Placement

Place your keyboard at elbow height so that you can type with straight wrists. You want your elbows and shoulders relaxed and not extended while typing.

Pro Tip: To help keep your wrists straight and for added support, add a keyboard wrist cushion to your setup.


Tip #4: Movement and Mindfulness

Prevent extended periods of time sitting in one position. To help, set reminders to get up from your workstation for micro-breaks throughout the day. If it is too difficult to step away, deep breathing techniques and stretches while sitting can be a good alternative.

Pro Tip: Imagine putting your scapula in your back pocket. An easy stretch to open up your chest and to sit upright is to try rolling your shoulders back and putting your scapula (your wing bones) into your back pocket.

Desk Setup Diagram



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Taylor Biddle2About the Author: 

Hey ya’ll, my name is Taylor Biddle and I am a Health Coach here at Virgin Pulse on the Live Services team. I have been coaching back pain and Ergonomics for many years now so I hope that you find these tips helpful. We are all learning to adjust to new routines and sometimes a little work station adjustment can go a long way in setting up a better work day whether at home or in an office. I am very passionate about exercise and being active in general, both of which play a role in improving posture while sitting and preventing long term negative effects on your joints. I hope you and your employees find coaching, or tips like these to be a helpful resource to get you through the day.

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