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Going Beyond The Results This Screening Season

shutterstock_7206020623-1Screenings provide an efficient way for members to get a snapshot of their health status and more importantly, identify conditions for the first time. When members get their results, many times they want to learn more about what they can do to improve. That’s where Next-Steps Consult comes in. This service helps members understand their results, identify the best path forward with their health and discover intrinsic motivators that inspire action. 

A Next-Steps Consult can increase engagement with all your benefits or resources. Our Guides are knowledgeable about all the programs you have available and refer members to utilize their benefits to get the care and support they need when they need it most.

Even if you are not running an onsite screening event due to COVID-19, Next-Steps Consult is the gateway service to connect members with the resources suitable for their unique goals. In a member engagement analysis, Virgin Pulse members who complete a Next-Steps Consult show 18% higher monthly engagement on the platform compared to those who did not complete one.* 

Compared to those who don't participate, members who do complete Next-Steps Consult engage more consistently on the Virgin Pulse Platform in the short and long term. 

Members that complete a Next-Steps Consult see: 

  • 30% higher healthy habit and steps tracking 4 weeks later* 
  • 31% higher healthy habits and steps tracking 12 weeks after Next-Steps Consult compared to those who did not complete one* 
  • Over three times higher Journeys engagement 4 and 12 weeks later* 

Whether your members are new to the program or have been with us for a while, guidance is especially important this season for your employees. This guidance can help a member understand their health status and how to clearly approach their next steps to make a change. 


Next-Steps Consult with VP Live Services is available in the US only. For more information reach out to your Client Success Team.   

*Analysis of sustained member engagement data on the Engage platform following completion of Next-Steps Consult. Virgin Pulse data on file, 2022.