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Biometric Screenings

Focus on your people, not processes, with stress-free screenings

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Preventive care has taken a backseat throughout the pandemic for various reasons, leading to 60% of members delaying in-person healthcare. However, as we become more comfortable resuming our “normal” everyday lives, people started to seek the proper care they avoided.   

How can organizations support their employees with knowing where to start as they make their way back to their healthcare providers? That’s where Virgin Pulse comes in. 


Challenge: Understanding population data to support your health and wellbeing program  

People have more health information available to them than ever before, but it can be challenging to sift through it to make decisions. This can leave employees unaware of their personal health risks for developing serious conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke.  


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Solution: Add screenings to your Virgin Pulse wellbeing program 

Virgin Pulse's Biometric Screenings are an easy way to close this gap, support your population’s health, and provide individual data to further personalize their Virgin Pulse platform experience. By providing vital information that can inspire your employees to take action, they can implement lifestyle changes that address the 70% of health risks that are preventable or reversible. Screenings can also help provide valuable population health insights to guide you through benefit design and wellbeing initiative planning. 

Engage the hard-to-reach with full-service Biometric Screenings 

With multiple modalities—including onsite events, walk-in collection vouchers, physician forms, and Home Test Kits—Virgin Pulse can reach every area of your population regardless of whether they are in the office or remote. Through Screenings, you can provide your members with biometric screenings, flu vaccines, COVID-19 testing and temperature scans, or a combinationwe’ll collaborate to find the right set of solutions.

 Virgin Pulse can support your program with:  

  • Convenient, flexible screening options that capture data for hard-to-reach individuals like remote employees, spouses, and dependents  
  • Full-service event planning to manage and execute large-scale onsite events  
  • Data integration with:  
    • Your Virgin Pulse program to automatically populate individual records and health assessments  
    • Annual reports allowing you to see trends and adjust your program to best meet your population’s needs, especially those at high-risk

Turn your results into action 

You can also take this process a step further by adding Next Steps Consult, Workplace Health and Wellbeing, or Health Coaching to your wellbeing offering.

  • A Next Steps Consult is a scheduled call between a member and a guide where they can discuss the results of the screening and identify where to get started on the member’s health and wellbeing journey.
  • Looking to increase member engagement? Consider adding Workplace Health and Wellbeing and Health Coaching to your program to better support your members in using the resources available to them, while working towards their individual goals.


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See how it works & schedule a demo 

Discover how you can implement Virgin Pulse’s Biometric Screenings into your wellbeing program to help support your employees’ healthcare decisions. Aid your workforce in learning new insights about their health through easily accessible, trustworthy resources and support. As a result, they’ll see improvements in their health and healthcare costs go down. 

Contact your Account Management Team or request a demo to learn which methodologies will best suit your population.