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4 Ways to Demonstrate Company Wellbeing Culture Early & Often

One of the biggest struggles that most companies are facing during COVID-19 is how to demonstrate and integrate the company’s culture in general and specifically, to new hire employees. The social connection of walking a new hire around the office and making introductions has decreased or completely changed in 2020.

New hire orientation is just the start of publicizing your company culture to new employees, so where does wellbeing fit in and how will your company promote the importance of your health and wellbeing program? It’s likely that you have already made modifications to your current new hire practice, but it is just as important to examine the enrollment and participation data to see if it is working.

Luckily, many Virgin Pulse platform features can help you preserve social connectedness, while keeping safe social distancing practices in mind. To ensure your new employees are benefiting from those features and to help put your wellbeing company culture front and center from the start, we've put together questions and tips around four areas of consideration:

1. Incorporate Portal Demonstration in New-Hire Orientation: Is Virgin Pulse a part of the conversation?

  • First and foremost, we recommend Virgin Pulse be a part of the new-hire orientation. Be sure to include an enrollment and platform demonstration! 
  • Include a link to the platform on the company's intranet site that can be shown or bookmarked for easy access later on.
  • You should encourage the new employees to download the Virgin Pulse app at new-hire orientation, or pull it up on their computers.

    ⚡Quick Tip: Offer voucher codes for enrolling and completing an action right on the spot!

2. Wellbeing Program Presentation Tips & Timing: Who Presents on your Wellbeing Program and When? 

  • The person presenting should have a passion or interest in health and wellbeing. Whoever you choose will make a great first impression of your company's wellbeing culture. (Think: an onsite Wellness Coordinator or Human Resources representative passionate about employee health)!
  • Switch it up and test it out! Would changing the order of when new hires are given this information increase or decrease enrollment? Do some testing and watch the numbers grow, or stay the same to find out which order works best over time.

    ⚡Quick Tip: If you don't have a resource for presenting, consider rotating employees from your wellbeing Champion network.

3. Champion Networks and Networking with Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Do you have voluntary, employee-led groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational mission, values, goals, practices and objectives?

  • The connection to health and wellbeing should be discussed while promoting company Employee Resource Groups, like Champion networks.

    ⚡Quick Tip: Promote your Champion network to new employees. And if you don't have a Wellbeing Champion Program, connect with your Client Success team to discuss how to roll out a Champions program.

4. Promoting Mental Health as a way to differentiate your company's wellbeing program from a previous employers' program:

  • If you have mental health resources, including telephonic coaching or onsite services, consider promoting that benefit during new-hire orientation.
  • Make your presentation interactive and personal - incorporating any movement or mindfulness activities before or during the presentation will give new employees a peak into the culture.

    ⚡Quick Tip: Share meditation videos or resources to new employees so they can continue the practice after orientation!

Special Considerations and Final Thoughts...

If you do not have the option to run a new-hire benefit webinar, consider following up with new hires after they are eligible to create their Virgin Pulse accounts. And, if you are able to send reminder emails to new hires, see if they also need assistance in enrolling.

⚡Quick Tip: If it's applicable, make an email template for employees that opt for the medical benefits compared to those that opt out, as their platform experience may vary.

Consider what is most important for your company and how Virgin Pulse can help you accomplish your strategy from the start. Reach out to your Client Success team for more guidance on how to demonstrate and integrate your company’s wellbeing culture to new hire employees and increase excitement, enrollment and participation!



Diandra KhouryAbout the Author:

Diandra Khoury is a Registered Dietitian and onsite wellness coordinator for Virgin Pulse. She resides in Michigan and works as part of the wellness coordinator team at DTE Energy, a utility company based in Detroit, Michigan. Diandra enjoys collaborating with her team, all of the Virgin Pulse Onsite wellness coordinators and coaches and with the DTE Client to bring unique programming and promote health and well-being as a part of their company culture. #OneTeamOneDream


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