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Meet your new digital front door

Member-centric design. Improves discoverability. Makes health actionable.


DFD_WebDid you know that our new digital front door gives you an all-access view of all your health and wellbeing needs? Yep, that's right! We've upgraded you to an even simpler, more personalized homepage for our Homebase for Health® to make your everyday walk through our door easy, engaging, and impactful.

We've designed our new homepage to aid in your members' health and wellbeing decisions and allow them to maximize their potential to earn rewards as they discover new and relevant areas on the platform. This optimized design moves them along their journey to better health with improved navigation and access to new features.

You’ve tested it, we heard you, and now it’s here. DigitalFrontDoor

This comprehensive digital front door provides your members with easy access to all-inclusive content and experiences for daily wellbeing, personal health, and employer benefits.

With this enhancement, your members will:

  • Experience an improved journey and expanded navigation
  • Have better guidance towards their next best move
  • Enjoy a personalized Action List that aligns their experience with your goals​​

As a member's first experience with the new homepage, they'll be welcomed with a Virtual Tour (for both mobile and web). Over the course of a few screens, members will explore a brief walkthrough of the new enhancements including:

  • Profile & Notifications are in one place together
  • My Actions list makes rewardable actions front and center
  • Explore More to quickly find your settings, devices, support, Media, and lots more

Getting the most from your digital front door 

As a client, you'll be able to utilize the new digital front door to help guide your members to the next best healthy action. They'll have an easier experience finding and completing actions that are aligned with your solutions around employee experience, health outcomes, and culture. 


The most comprehensive digital front door

Our Homebase for Health® platform is the industry's most comprehensive digital front door. Our new designs are purposefully designed and optimized to aid your members' health and wellbeing decisions and support them along their journey to better health.

We know each client has unique needs. To learn more about the new digital front door, please contact your Account Management team for more information.