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Drive healthy actions with Text Campaigns

Did you know that over 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes? This makes text messaging essential for driving immediate actions (like coming in for check-ups) as well as higher engagement and behavior change over time. How can you take advantage of such a powerful communication channel? Meet Virgin Pulse’s Text Campaigns

With VP Activate Text Campaigns, you can pinpoint not only who may need your support and resources, but also who is most likely to engage with your text campaigns so you can drive healthy actions. Reach people where they are with proven results from third party evaluations, giving you higher reach and population health support, powered by an evidence-based curriculum developed with leading content partners, and clinically validated impact and ROI. 

For diabetes and prediabetes-focused campaigns:

  • Care4Life: Discover how to manage your diabetes with this SMS program developed in conjunction with American Diabetes Association. Campaign content includes content and support on diabetes and nutrition education and exercise advice, blood glucose reminders, weight and exercise goal setting, and medication adherence. 
  • Text2Prevent: Since diabetes can be prevented and prediabetes can be reversed, this SMS program was developed in conjunction with the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors. Based on a CDC-approved curriculum from the National Diabetes Prevention Program, this campaign includes content and support on diabetes education, physical activity, healthy eating, stress management, sleep hygiene, and motivation. 

Looking to see Texting Campaigns in action? Check out this Client Success Story where a national health plan maintained a year-long 80% engagement in targeted diabetes text campaigns.

For supporting those looking to quit smoking:

  • Text2Quit: Integrated with 32 state quitlines, this program was developed in conjunction with George Washington University’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Campaign content includes personalized coaching tailored to quit date, goal tracking, social support, craving and trigger management, and specific pregnancy intervention.  

For supporting those with goals of becoming or maintaining their health status: 

  • Text4Health: Developed in conjunction with the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, this program features general health education, appropriate for all populations. Content includes annual physical and dental exam reminders, screening reminders (cervical cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, BMI, and STD, seasonal flu shot reminders, a health assessment, a 30-day diet and exercise challenge, and interactive health education quizzes. 

For supporting those who are pregnant or have children? 

  • Text4Baby: This program provides anticipatory guidance for each step of pregnancy and the first year of life with educational messages, appointment reminders, screenings, and more. Content for moms is developed by an independent content council of leading Federal organizations and reviewed by Harvard Medical School faculty.  New content updates align with current vaccination recommendations, medical best practices, and new science. 
  • Text4Kids: It's essential for children to receive preventive care. This digital support service was developed for parents with kids aged 1-18 and includes well-visit exam reminders, vaccination reminders, information on developmental milestones, parenting tips, health education tailored to each child’s age, and content developed with the American Academy of Pediatrics.  


Interested in learning more?  

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