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A Health Coach Shares Tips for Holidays and Self-Care

As December approaches, fall comes to an end and the next season begins. Here at Live Services, we know this season as the “holiday season” for many of our members.

Virgin Pulse Health Coaches and Guides are on the front lines coaching members through the holidays. They’ve learned that holiday experiences vary greatly among members. For those who celebrate the holidays, they may truly feel like the most wonderful time of the year. Yet, for others “the holiday blues” are a real phenomenon that can lead to stress, depression, and a host of pressure.

Feelings during the holidays can range from happiness and high spirits to fatigue, stress, irritability, bloating, and sadness. 38% of those surveyed even mentioned their stress levels increased due to limited time and money, commercialism, the pressures of gift-giving, and family gatherings.

How can Coaching Services help you and your members?

We acknowledge the full spectrum of human experiences and emotions. We know that self-care is even more important during the holidays.

During our sessions, we collaborate, brainstorm, and encourage members to be proactive by going into the holidays with a plan of self-care. The best gift you can give yourself this year is to have a plan combined with an accountability partner to follow up next month.

So, what steps can be taken to help support the enjoyment of the upcoming holidays? Below are some themes we model and encourage our members to put into practice:  

  • Set realistic expectations
    Time management can be a real challenge during holidays. Be mindful of overbooking ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes delegating or doing less can be the key to feeling more balanced and effective.

  • Keep daily habits in place
    We know small daily habits such as morning meditation, daily walks, and balanced meals may help us feel our best and manage stress. While we tend to push them aside during holidays, try to keep your schedule consistent.

  • Practice self-compassion
    Let go of expectations of how we should feel. We know emotions can range from high to low and everything in between. Allowing ourselves to honor whatever feelings come up without judgment. We also know that being compassionate with ourselves helps us be more compassionate with others. 

  • Focus on mindfulness
    Be present in the moment. We know the hustle and bustle can steal our joy and presence. Where our attention goes, our energy flows, so take time to pause and breathe to help our bodies return to the current moment. Once we are grounded, we can choose what to focus on and set an intention for what’s next.


About the Author


Mary Beth Owen, MS, NBHWC

Mary Beth is a Mindfulness teacher and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a passion for fitness. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Psychology and a master's degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. During her 13 years of health coaching, she traveled to India and Thailand exploring mindfulness and Buddhism and truly embraces the holistic approach to well-being.

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