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Enhance your program with these heart-healthy tips

Woman_Heart_Rounded_CornerAccording to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases take an estimated 17 million+ lives yearly and are the leading cause of death globally.

Fortunately, most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by promoting key healthy habits, like tobacco cessation and healthy diet and exercise. 

February is Heart Month, and it's a great time to share education on how to prevent some of the most pervasive chronic conditions with your members.


How Virgin Pulse can help you and your members 

Virgin Pulse is in a unique position to help you protect your members from preventable conditions and diseases with our digital health tools and personalized support.  

While it can be hard to detect, there are lots of ways to help your members stay on top of their heart health. View our tips below for heart-healthy tactics to enhance your health and wellbeing program.  

Six Ways to Encourage Heart-Healthy Daily Routines 

Small health tips and nudges can play a big part in your members’ heart health. Here are some actions you can take to help your workplace reduce its risk for heart disease both on and off the job. 

Any item listed below with the globe icon (🌐) is available for clients with members outside of the US.

1. Enhance your program with digital therapeutics or our heart-healthy partners
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and wellbeing. Connect your members with 75+ of the top health, wellbeing, and navigation solutions through our personalized health platform. Discover how you can ramp up your heart health and chronic condition management support with: 


Meet VP Transform, our suite of digital therapeutics solutions available for US-based members, designed to help your members better manage their blood pressure. 

Learn how our digital therapeutics solutions can enhance your program while supporting your members on their health and wellbeing journey.


One of our condition management partners, DarioHealth, helps employers address health behaviors with our multi-condition digital therapeutic solutions that support employees who are managing diabetes, prediabetes, hypertension, weight, musculoskeletal, and behavioral health.

Learn more about DarioHealth:


Hello Heart, one of our heart health partners, empowers people to understand and improve their heart health using technology and behavioral science. Hello Heart’s coaching app provides wellness tips that may help reduce the risk of hypertension. Making small changes and forming healthier habits can reduce blood pressure, which can reduce their risk for chronic disease and death.

Learn more about Hello Heart


Omada Health is a virtual care provider that helps people shift their mindset to improve their health and create lasting change, resulting in lower overall costs. Omada has translated clinical guidelines and evidence into an in-between visit virtual care experience.  

Learn more about Omada


2. Encourage your members to practice better sleep habits
Poor sleep and chronic sleep deprivation have detrimental long-term effects on the heart. Not getting the necessary amount of sleep each night can dramatically increase your members’ risk of coronary heart disease. Motivating your members to implement better habits when it’s time for bed not only improves their heart health but allows them to thrive and feel recharged. Encourage your members to make better sleep a priority with:


Available for members based in the US and internationally, our Sleep Guide encourages members to pick a sleep profile to get customized tips and see all their sleep data in one place. Plus, it's full of rewards! The more they track and sleep, the more they earn.

Use these assets to show your members the benefits of the Sleep Guide (Password: VirginPulseCRC!).

sleepfit logoWant healthier and higher-performing members? Sleep is the answer! Sleepfit, one of our global partners, is an evidence-based digital sleep solution that uses science and the knowledge of sleep experts to boost employee productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

Learn more about Sleepfit.


Transform your members’ health and happiness with Headspace’s mindfulness exercises integrated with Virgin Pulse, so you can help your members manage everything from stress and anxiety to focus and sleep. 

Learn more about Headspace


3. Being physically active is key to maintaining a healthy weight and lowering the risk of coronary heart disease
Encourage your members to make physical activity a part of their daily routine, whether it’s lunchtime workouts, walking meetings, or discounted gym memberships. Motivate your members to build exercise into their routines through:

AaptivAaptiv, one of our global fitness partners, is a comprehensive employee wellness benefit that provides a range of features designed to help employees improve their health and fitness. With access to a fitness network of over 17,000 premium gyms and studios, hyper-personalized adaptive digital fitness plans, and 8,000+ on-demand audio and video workouts, employees can work out anytime, anywhere, and in any way they want.

Learn more about Aaptiv.

SworkItSworkit, one of our global fitness partners, is a hyper-personalized global fitness solution designed to support and engage employees in traditional, remote and hybrid work settings by making fitness simple and approachable

Learn more about Sworkit.

Lifespeak LifeSpeak Inc., one of our global partners, brings best-in-class holistic wellbeing content to your employees through VP+. Leading with digital education and supporting with human connection, LifeSpeak Inc. provides organizations with best-in-class content and expertise to your employees and members.

Learn more about LifeSpeak, Inc.



4. The dangers of smoking are no secret
Getting your members to ditch it can do wonders for their health. Provide them with the necessary support and coaching services to help guide them through the process. The first few weeks and months will be challenging, but providing constant support and encouragement and highlighting the long-term heart health benefits can go a long way. We can help you promote tobacco cessation with:

coaching_middle age woman-1By combining our digital health tools with our one-on-one, high-tech, high-touch Coaching, we're simplifying and unifying the wellbeing experience.

Coaches provide individualized support and connection, empower your members to become experts in their lives, and guide them toward their wellbeing goals.

EX Program (300x400)-1Empower members to quit tobacco with the only program that combines Mayo Clinic’s
proven treatment model with scientific leadership in digital tobacco solutions from EX Program by the Truth Initiative. VP+ helps you drive participation in smoking, vaping, and nicotine cessation to help people overcome this tenacious addiction, delivering better health and lowering the risk of high healthcare costs. 


For those with members based outside of the United States, learn how Global Coaching & EAP with Workplace Options can help you enhance your health and wellbeing program.

For internationally-based members only: Workplace Options offers emotional, practical, and physical wellbeing support to 100,000+ organizations and more than 75 million employees in over 200 countries and territories. 

Pivot_LogoPivot is based on U.S. Clinical Practice Guidelines - for those ready to quit, it helps them hone skills, plan and execute their quit. For those not ready, it helps them discover personal motivations and solidify their desire to quit. Pivot is a modern tobacco cessation program that delivers a best-in-class, science-backed program in a convenient, smartphone-based format.

Learn more about Pivot


5. If your members want a healthier heart, a cleaner diet is important
Increased heart disease has long held a link with saturated fats. Avoiding or getting rid of them altogether can do wonders for your team’s ticker. Help your members create balanced eating habits by giving them access to tips and resources, digital tools to support their nutrition goals, and nutrition experts who can coach them on a plan to improve their health.

image2022-8-4_13-23-1Available for US-based and internationally-based members, the Nutrition Guide offers a personalized nutrition plan tailored to each member's nutrition tendencies and weight goals, encouraging them to achieve healthy nutrition behaviors.
The guide employs a research-based approach to crafting personalized daily success routines, offering practical guidance in adopting healthy nutrition behaviors through trackers, calorie and weight-tracking tools, resources, reminders, and rewards.
(Password: VirginPulseCRC!)

Make Nutrition a Family AfairNutrition-focused support is critical to your health and wellbeing program. Here at Virgin Pulse, we have a variety of ways we can help you enhance your nutritional offerings and support your population’s unique needs with our nutrition and digestive health partners.

Whether it’s budget-friendly meals, healthy recipes, or gut health, we’ve got you covered with our partner ecosystem. Learn more how you can help your population eat well, feel better, and save money with three of Virgin Pulse’s nutrition partners. 


6. Increased working hours play a significant role in heart disease
Studies have indicated that long working hours led to 745,000 deaths from ischemic heart disease and stroke in 2016, a 29% increase since 2000. With working patterns and hours fluctuating post-pandemic, putting a robust work-life balance plan for your workplace can make a world of difference for their heart’s wellbeing. Learn how you can revamp your work-life balance practices with our Work-Life Balance Success Kit.

100722_Social Graphic_Work Life Balance TK


We’re here to help 

It's vital to help your members understand that building a heart-healthy daily routine today can keep their risk for heart disease lower for years to come, so there's no better time to get started. 

Save your members the heartbreak and find out how to help them have a heart-healthy lifestyle, starting now. Contact your Account Team to learn how to incorporate these offerings into your program. Don’t forget to ask about relevant Challenges, Healthy Habits, and Journeys in support of heart health. 

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