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June's Pride Month

Pride Month is celebrated in June to pay tribute to the LGBTQIA+ people who participated in the Stonewall Uprising and kick-started the modern gay rights movement. It’s a month to focus on and celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQIA+ community and bring attention to the plight of many in the community who are still fighting for equality worldwide.

Virgin Pulse and Pride Month

Virgin Pulse is excited to celebrate Pride Month this year! We’re here to help you support you and your members across all aspects of their lives. We provide several resources you can use to help support your members of the LGBTQIA+ community through our partner ecosystem. Here are two highlighted partners:

  • Ovia Health, a VP+ partner, is a comprehensive, on-demand support platform for women’s and family health. As part of this solution, Ovia guides all individuals, regardless of their path to parenthood, with family planning support and LGBTQ+ resources that help with raising gender creative children, surrogacy and adoption support, parenting, and mental health support. Download their mental health guide for LGBTQ+ individuals.

  • Spring Health is a global mental healthcare solution combining validated technology with clinical care navigation to deliver quality care from mild insomnia to crisis support. With this solution, Spring Health provides a diverse care network where 37% of their providers identify as LGBTQ+ which provides more supportive options for the LGBTQ+ community to choose the right provider. Learn more about how Spring Health supports the LGBTQ+ community here:

Additionally, access our 2022 DEI Toolkit for tips, resources, and exclusive replays.

Discover practical ideas to help your organization instill a culture of belonging, address the inequities that exist within your culture, and take purposeful, educated steps to combat them. 


Pride Resources

Check out these resources below to discover the history of Pride, the origin and meaning of the Pride flags, and more.

History of Pride

With June well underway, it’s the perfect time to brush up on your Pride history. Learn how the LGBTQ+ Pride movement began.

Beyond the Rainbow: Pride Flags 101

First created in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, the Pride flag has since evolved into numerous flags and the number grows each year. Check out this short article for a brief Pride Flags 101 history.


Resources and Non-Profits

Ted Talks

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