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Member Success Stories on Improving Biometrics

In the spirit of screening season, here are four short, but impactful member-submitted success stories on the topic of blood pressure and seeing improvements!


When I started using Virgin Pulse, I was surprised at how much was offered, i.e. tracking of food, recipes, nutritional guide etc. I noticed my blood pressure was higher than normal over the last year so with Virgin Pulse, helping me stay on track, I've been able to get my blood pressure back to where it normally is for me. 

Secret to Success: It keeps my health in the forefront of my mind. 


 Virgin Pulse has been and continues to be an invaluable tool to create, maintain, and plan a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true with my blood pressure levels. My blood pressure level has been in-line with healthy blood pressure numbers and my Primary Health Care professional could not be happier!

Secret to Success: I am very competitive!



Virgin Pulse is an easy way to find things to become a healthier person. With all the activities and challenges that can be done it doesn't feel like I am stuck doing the same things over and over. It also helps to keep the journey going as you change. It has helped me to identify changes I can be making right now and very easily to become healthier. I now have normal blood pressure, low A1C and awesome cholesterol all thanks to Virgin Pulse. I can't wait to see how much further it can help me go.

Secret to Success: Keep trying, one day at a time.


After gaining about 40+ pounds due to medication, I began a new eating and exercise plan in the fall and have lost about 35 pounds to date. My cholesterol had been steadily increasing for the past few years. My biometric health screening in February showed that my cholesterol dropped dramatically, and I am back in healthy ranges. Using Virgin Pulse helps me stay active and mindful of self-care every day. I feel much healthier and am making much better choices now.

Secret to Success: Take it one day at a time; one healthy decision at a time.