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Dedication & Patience: A Member Success Story

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. This age-old saying has never been more true when you've done all you can to offer a robust wellbeing program to your employees, but your enrollment or engagement numbers are still not as high as you envisioned. Sometimes, the simple answer can be bottled into one word: patience.  

We know that you put forward timeless effort and do so much to foster a culture of health, but your employees must also be ready to take advantage of the culture. This means they are ready to overcome any personal barriers and create healthy habits that elicit a lasting change. That was true for Daysha, an employee who one day decided to overcome her barriers and showed true patience, dedication and strength.

Daysha, a first-shift manufacturing employee, who reported to the warehouse at 4:00 AM each day, would describe herself as an overweight smoker with poor eating habits and generally unhappy with herself and her lifestyle. After three years of seeing Virgin Pulse enrollment emails, she decided it was finally time to open the email and begin her journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Daysha immediately began interacting with the platform and selecting her healthy habits, goals and interests.

Then, while looking through her company’s benefits and programs page, one program jumped out at her: Coaching. Daysha undoubtedly believed that having a personal coach would hold her more accountable and help her achieve her goals faster, so she scheduled her first coaching call two weeks out.

Fast forward a little over one year later, and the impact from the changes Daysha implemented into her everyday life – with the help from her coach – are undeniably effective. Daysha lost 70 pounds, quit smoking and reported improved overall happiness and energy throughout the day!

Dayshas Timeline

Daysha’s changes not only impacted her, but also flowed into to the lives of her family members. Her mother lost 100 pounds, and both her mother and brother also quit smoking. Daysha credits her coach to her success:

I couldn’t be more thankful for everything she did and everything she said. I attribute a large part of my success to her and there was never a time where she couldn’t pick up on a struggle and find a way to help me get through and make sure that I was able to stay on track."

Stories like Daysha’s drive home that there are two work streams to see a significant transformation in health: an employer’s effort and that of the employee. Daysha was mentally prepared and willing to make a change. The support and culture of health that her employer had at the ready made it easy for Daysha to take that next step. There is no timeline for change, only the individual looking to make the change can determine when the time is right.

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More About Member Success Stories!

You too can capture stories like Daysha’s from your own employees. Consider running a Life Changers campaign where you can request members to submit their wellbeing success stories and be rewarded! Reach out to your Client Success team for more information on the Virgin Pulse Life Changers campaign.

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