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Rx Savings Solutions Celebrates National Pharmacist Month

October is National Pharmacist Month! 

National Pharmacist Month acknowledges the invaluable contributions pharmacists and technicians make to patient care. 
Not only does our VP+ Partner, Rx Savings Solutions, celebrate their Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians every October, but they also celebrate them every day for the impact they have on members. By helping them understand their options, Rx Savings Solutions helps members save money at the pharmacy counter. 

How Rx Savings Solutions helps your members

Rx Savings Solutions is a prescription price transparency tool that helps members find savings opportunities on the medications they take, but they go beyond just the savings. The Rx Savings Solutions Pharmacy team:
  • Helps the member through the entire process of informing them of savings opportunities
  • Contacting the provider to make the switch
  • Following up with the member when their new, more affordable, prescription is ready for pickup at their preferred pharmacy.

Not to mention, while RxSS helps the member save, they are also helping you save!

Saving Money, Changing Lives




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