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Pulse Check Results & Resources: Mental Health & Burnout

Question-icon-1In last month’s newsletter, we included our first Pulse Check where we asked you, our client, to identify the top causes of stress in their populations. To help your members de-stress, what would be most helpful to focus on: Mental Health & Burnout, Health & Nutrition, or Organizational Change? 

The results are in—mental health and burnout are the top causes of employee stress.   

To further help you make a positive impact on employee mental health and reduce burnout, we’ve cultivated our top resources below across various categories:

  • Psychological safety
  • Stress and burnout
  • Mental health
  • Employee engagement and retention

View our resources to help you make an impact on mental health and burnout.

Looking for even greater support? Contact your Account Team to learn how our Live Services team (for US-based members) and Workplace Options' Global Coaching (for internationally-based members) can help you provide the right help to your members, at the right time to see even great outcomes.


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