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Webinar Recap & Replay: Client Admin Portal Best Practices & Guide


Over the past few weeks, Zachary Teixeira, Becca Street, and Erin Helzer from our Operations Enablement Team came together to discuss our self-service administrative tool, the Virgin Pulse Client Admin Portal

These Product Trainers provided guidance and best practices when using the Admin Portal to help administer your employee program directly and bring your organization’s goals to life. As part of their presentation, they covered the following Admin Portal areas: Permissions, Custom Content, Report Archive, and Creating Calendar Events.


The Permissions tool allows you to give trusted users and administrators access to the various features within the Virgin Pulse Client Admin Portal. Zachary Teixeira, Senior Product Trainer, demonstrated how to provision access to the Platform and Analytics dashboards.

Platform Permissions allow you to provide your organization’s administrators with access to the Admin Portal. By creating these roles through Permissions, your administrators can access the Admin Portal to create, edit, delete, or view Challenges, Habits, Cards, the Event Calendar, and much more.

The Analytics Permissions help you grant access to our self-serve analytics tool. This tool helps you measure the impact of your program in real time. Analytics access allows your regional and local wellbeing leaders to view enrollment and engagement data, on-demand rewards program progression, and members’ self-selected topics. This helps you determine what is most important to your employee’s overall health and wellbeing.


Custom Content

The Custom Content tool provides you with the ability to create helpful Daily Tips, custom Habits that resonate with your members, and time-sensitive program updates with Announcements.

Becca Street, Product Trainer, discussed the best practices when creating custom content to align your goals, values, and initiatives with the Virgin Pulse platform and increase engagement with organization-specific content.


Report Archive

The Report Archive provides access to six, standard, member data extract reports on a monthly and bi-monthly cadence. Product Trainer, Erin Helzer, shared how to access the Report Archive and explained the differences between each type of report.

Available Reports:

  • Eligibles Report: Your eligible population
  • Member Activation Report: All enrolled members from the previous month
  • Billable Cash Report: PulseCash earned and redeemed on the platform
  • Non-Billable Cash Report: All other incentive data outside of PulseCash (e.g., insurance premium discounts, HRA/HSA contributions, drawing entries)
  • Coaching: Members enrolled and engaged in Coaching
  • Device Subsidy: Members who have/have not taken the opportunity of the device subsidy offered.


Creating Calendar Events

The Calendar Event Tool provides you with the ability to create events and let your members know when and where these events are occurring. Creating calendar events helps you drive event attendance, awareness, and engagement. Erin Helzer demonstrated how to schedule and promote events through the Admin Portal.


Webinar Replay


Coming Soon…

Stay tuned! We'll be rolling out a new, internal, enhanced analytics tool this Spring. Our Product Trainers will be hosting future webinars covering this exciting new tool’s capabilities. Keep an eye out for your invitation!

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