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Unveiling Key Insights: Reporting Survey Results Revealed

In a quest to gain valuable insights, we recently conducted a comprehensive survey and analyzed the results to understand our audience’s reporting needs better. We’re delighted to present a summary of the key findings. Let's dive in and explore the fascinating discoveries! 

Survey Overview 

Our survey aimed to solicit feedback on our reporting offerings and capabilities. Participants were asked a series of questions covering various topics related to our standard and custom reporting options, Reporting Dashboards, and more. The results provided valuable insights that will help shape our future strategies and enhance the satisfaction of our customers. 

Main Discoveries 

Standard Extracts*

Respondents noted that they would greatly benefit from receiving more education on our Extract Capabilities, including our Report Catalog (catalog of available reports) and our Report Process, as many respondents mentioned a lack of knowledge, education, and training around the extracts available to them and those they receive.​ Also, while data suggests satisfaction with delivery times, respondents mentioned a desire for self-service reporting capabilities. Additionally, one of the main gaps mentioned in existing reporting was a focus on outcomes and the impact of the platform.  

  • Overall Satisfaction and Awareness: 45% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they're satisfied with our Standard Reporting capabilities; 40% said they were neutral (neither satisfied nor unsatisfied). As many as 30% of respondents were not aware of all the Standard Extracts available to them.  
  • Report Subscriptions: While some respondents know what reports they’re subscribed to receive and when to expect them, more than 30% of respondents do not know their current subscriptions or when to expect them. More so, roughly half of respondents did not know how to update their subscriptions.  
  • Report Process: 70% of respondents find the reports easy to understand, and more than half are okay with the current report delivery expectations.​ However, future reporting advancements and education are needed as 20% of respondents don’t believe the current offering meets their needs. 

Our Standard Extracts​ Learnings: We’re taking action 

Based on insights from the survey, we’ve created these resources to help outline our current capabilities:

As part of our commitment to meet your ongoing program reporting needs, we’ll be developing a Reporting Hub. It will be housed within the Client Admin Portal complete with reporting tools to allow you to easily view your existing file subscriptions, view a Report Catalog with details on all available reports, download and subscribe to reports, and more all in a single location.  


Custom Extracts 

Respondents noted that they primarily use Custom Extracts to facilitate their Rewards or review biometric and Health Check data. While these files are helpful, some respondents perceived the Custom File Process as difficult and shared that they experienced issues primarily with timing, process, and accuracy of files. 

  • Overall Satisfaction and Awareness: Many respondents said they were satisfied or neutral (neither satisfied nor dissatisfied), and roughly 10% said they were dissatisfied with Custom Extracts
  • Custom File Process: Nearly 30% of respondents felt the custom file process was easy, but some noted issues primarily around timeliness and accuracy.  

Our Custom Extracts​ Learnings: We’re taking action 

Knowing some respondents flagged issues with files, we’re creating a dedicated development team to handle Custom Extracts issues. 
Additionally, we’ve created a new role within the organization to work with clients to help align their program designs and custom rewards to our best practices.
Furthermore, we’re improving processing and error notifications by enhancing our Custom Report File delivery tool. 


Reporting Dashboards 

Released in 2023, our Reporting Dashboards optimize your experiences by providing real-time data that is easily accessible. In our survey, roughly 60% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with these dashboards. When asked about the improvements we should focus on, respondents noted the need for Date Flexibility, More Data and More Filters, and Incentives data. 

Our Reporting Dashboards Learnings: We're taking action

Based on your feedback, we heard you wanted more education. We've released additional training videos (Password: Virgin2023) to help you and your team navigate and use our Reporting Dashboards 
Currently, we’re in the process of adding Book of Business benchmark data and historical data to our Reporting Dashboards. This will give our clients a better view of current and past program performance. 


Continuing to evolve our reporting capabilities 

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the participants who provided their feedback. Your valuable insights enable us to continuously grow our reporting capabilities, ensuring that we meet your needs in 2024 and beyond. 

Stay tuned as we continue to incorporate this feedback and evolve our offerings. Together, we will continue to strive for excellence and deliver a customer experience that is second to none. 


We're here to help

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* Note: Standard Extracts refer to the set of pre-built Administrative and Configurable Data Files available to clients on an ad-hoc or subscription basis. Previously referred to as Data Files or Standard Reports, we will henceforth refer to these as Extracts. 

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