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Go Outside The Traditional Step-Based Challenge To Target Mental Health

Run a Spotlight Challenge

October 10th is World Mental Health day and just around the corner! So, we want to take this month’s Tip Jar to bring attention to the topic of mental health and recommend Virgin Pulse’s Spotlight Challenge that addresses stress management. With Spotlight Challenges, you can challenge your employees to practice Mindful Minutes.


Spotlight Challenges-1


Mindful Minutes are about slowing down and being present through activities like yoga or closing your eyes and focusing on breath. The Mindful Minutes Spotlight Challenge is a useful and rich tool to challenge your employees to set a goal for how many mindful minutes they can complete in each day and tracking it over time.  

During the challenge, participants will receive rich educational content and resources, that will be helpful in staying mindful even after the challenge ends. Reach out to your Client Success team to set up a challenge that can bring awareness around mental health and support health literacy for your employees.

Spotlight challenges can be configured in 15 business days and can be segmented by company, business unit, office location or reward. 

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