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Webinar Replays & Recap: Summer 2022 Launch Three-Part Series

From June 14-16, we held our Summer 2022 Launch three-part webinar series where a few of our experts, including Allie McDonald and Scott Robitaille (Senior Directors of Account Management) as well as Brian Baker and Maggie Scott (Directors of Strategic Development), introduced this season’s enhancements and expanded offerings.  

Throughout the series, we covered the Summer 2022 Launch season’s critical updates and enhancements that provide you and your organization with new ways to simplify and personalize the process of finding the right care at the right time. 

In addition to the replays, we've rounded up some of the top takeaways from our sessions - check them out below.  

Top takeaways

  • Continue rocking it 
    • Work with your Account Management Team to turn on our new and refreshed inclusive, engaging content on mental health and diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
    • For international clients, check out our Nutrition Guide for refreshed eating profiles and course content that reflects our new approach to nutrition to help members build habits that are inclusive, flexible, accessible, and individualized.​  
    • Try our new Destination Challenge theme that offers insight into the global sustainability practices and our new non-step Mindful Minutes Spotlight Challenge theme to encourage members to prioritize self-care daily.​ 
    • Take note of some revamped member experiences: Notifications and Friends. Our new Notifications feature allows members to see what’s new and act on what’s relevant. The redesigned Friends experience makes it more intuitive to connect with others. 
    • Check out our improved coach and member relationship through multi-modal coach communication so we can provide the right support at the right time.​ 
    • Save time and money by leveraging our curated, world-class partner ecosystem for better outcomes and lower, overall cost of care.  
  • See what’s coming for Summer 2022 
    • Explore My Care Checklist to see how you can customize recommendations, available in 20+ languages. We’ve also improved COVID-19 vaccine and booster shot tracking and an expanded list to include international-only vaccines.​ 
    • Maximize engagement and utilization across nine categories of health and wellbeing with VP+ partner bundle to help your organization quickly implement multiple diverse and comprehensive solutions on a one-contract solution at a considerable cost savings.  
  • Considerations to enhance your health and wellbeing program 
    • Increase member engagement with Guides to help your members connect with the full potential of available programs and benefits through live, personalized contact​. 
    • Learn more about our whole person evidence-based Coaching Plans for type 2 diabetes and hypertension, integrating small steps and member-led goals in the VP app to best support the member as they manage their condition. ​ 
    • Integrate claims data into our already rich platform, so we can help your employees stay ahead of health situations while empowering informed, strategic program design decisions that drive outcomes and change. 
    • Learn how VP Navigate enables members to tap into benefits in the context of their health and lifestyle and use their selected benefits as building blocks for their healthy routines. ​ 

Webinar replays

Session 1: Continue rocking it


Session 2: See what's coming for Summer 2022


Session 3: Considerations to enhance your health and wellbeing program

Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to hang out with us over the last few days – it was great to spend some time with you! We hope you learned a lot and are as excited about our Summer 2022 Launch as we are.  

Don’t forget that our Summer 2022 Launch site is live (password: gemini12), so check it out and contact your Account Management Team to learn more. 

We want to know... 

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