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Thrive Summit 2023 Recap

Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating our 10th year of bringing together the entire health ecosystem to learn, collaborate, and define the future of health, wellbeing, and navigation.

With another Thrive behind us, let's look back on the three-day event jam-packed with pre-conference workshops, mainstage keynotes, and expanded breakouts covering five tracks.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Client Community

We kicked off this year's Thrive Summit with a stellar Client Community workshop hosted by Randy Tomes, Director of Product Portfolio Strategy at Virgin Pulse. Randy brought our VP Advisors and VP Influencers together for an exclusive interactive workshop where they provided feedback on Virgin Pulse's products and services. From navigation to health and wellbeing, our Advisors and Influencers engaged in meaningful discussions with Virgin Pulse leadership, stakeholders, and each other to help change livesand businesses—for good. Participants noted the importance of doubling down on wellbeing and inclusivity across siloed organizations, engaging members with an intuitive, user-friendly platform to house their organization's wellbeing and benefits, and cost reduction tactics for health spend and benefit vendors.

Reimagining Leadership, Longevity & Self Care

Coming back to the Thrive Summit stage, Randi Braun, CEO of Something Major, hosted a workshop that supported women leaders, addressed burnout and wellbeing, and provided tactics to empower women's professional development. Participants tackled self-care mythslike self-care is selfishthat hold women leaders back. Participants also practiced new tools to recharge both their self-care and leadership, like discussing which self-care myth is your kryptonite and its impact.

Workshop attendees also received a copy of Randi Braun's new book. Curious to see all the books we featured in our Thrive Book Nook? Check out our recommended reads list

Thrive Summit Day 1 – It’s All About the People

IMG_0865-Thrive-RoundedDay One brought the Power of Pulse to Salt Lake City! Chris Michalak, Virgin Pulse CEO, kicked off Thrive by sharing a powerful message - if we can do this, what else is possible?

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn shared a new way of understanding and examining social determinants of health (SDOH) through a four-song playlist highlighting the connection between zip codes, wifi, and love.

We ended the mainstage session discussing the importance of resiliency, mental health, and being human featuring Dr. Christopher Willard of Harvard Medical School, Aimee Gindin with our Diamond sponsor LifeSpeak Inc., and Alicia Ridout from Lamar Advertising. 

Read the day one recap (including information from our breakout sessions). Read the recap...


Thrive Summit Day 2 – Inspiration, Insights, and Innovation

IMG_0869-Thrive-RoundedWe began Thrive Day Two’s mainstage program with a morning meditation that brought the calm. Virgin Pulse coaches introduced square breathing: In for 4, hold for 4, out for 4, hold for 4.  

Akshay Kapur and Anna Pione, McKinsey & Company partners, then began the flow of insights by sharing an overview of global challenges and how they are impacting the healthcare sector. Next, there wasn't a dry eye in the house as Matt Hay captivated the audience with his powerful story of his journey toward deafness as a result of a rare disease, highlighting his need to capture the sounds that were slipping away. What does Virgin Pulse have in common with Mario Party? We found out when several Virgin Pulse leaders took to the stage. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeff Jacques, EVP and GM for Health Plans and Systems Salem Shunnarah, Chief Commercial Officer, Laura Walmsley, and Chief Product Officer, Jeff Yoshimura, discussed product development since Thrive Summit 2022 and what’s coming up to support employers, health plans and health systems – and their people. Read the recap...


Thrive Summit Day 3 – The Power of Purpose

IMG_1004_Thrive-RoundedAfter beautiful spring weather, we woke up Thursday morning to cooler temps and snow! A reminder from nature to just go with the flow. 

Our final day at Thrive was flipped, kicking things off with Breakout Sessions that continued to highlight your successes and “what worked.” One of the key messages we’ve heard across the board: the value of champions. Read the recap...


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