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Featured Campaign: Heart Health

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Woman_Heart_Rounded_CornerThe planning you’re doing right now probably involves where you’ll spend the holidays or how you’ll celebrate New Year's Eve. February seems so far away, but with heart disease still being the number one killer of both men and women, it’s never too late to begin planning your Heart Month campaigns.

Now’s the time to help raise awareness and educate your prospects and patients on how heart disease can be diagnosed, treated, and prevented.

Campaign Tips

  • Using VP Activate to promote your cardiology services is a simple, cost-effective way to reach current patients and prospects in your market that have or may be at risk for heart disease. Our platform can reach potential targets before they even know they are at risk. 

  • Execute a direct mail campaign that connects with individuals in your service area, promotes your services, instructs people on how to prevent or manage the disease, and educates recipients about accessing care.

  • Virgin Pulse helps you easily target the most qualified prospects and patients in your service area who currently have (or have a high propensity to develop) the following conditions: atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, hypertension, and more.

  • We can also reach a general audience for the cardiology service line. Pro Tip: You can customize these parameters to your needs and budget.

  • When developing messaging, consider incorporating popular search topics, like sleep apnea, depression, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, and its links to heart disease, and how smoking is a major factor in developing the disease. Consider including these topics in your print and digital communications as Heart Month approaches.

  • Also be sure to educate your recipients about the various risk factors of heart disease, which include but are not limited to age (55 or older for women), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and prediabetes, smoking, being overweight, obese or physically inactive, having a family history of early heart disease, having a history of preeclampsia during pregnancy, and maintaining an unhealthy diet.

  • When executing your campaigns, ensure your calls-to-action (CTAs) are easy to understand and follow. Include CTAs on your pieces that direct recipients to a website or call center to schedule appointments, attend screening events or nutritional seminars, or even to the patient portal.

  • Capture demographic information via web forms, event attendance lists, and class registration lists as ways to continue the conversation with patients and consumers in your service area. Pro Tip: if your call-to-action is to attend a class, seminar, or event, keep a list of attendees and provide those to Virgin Pulse so you can track downstream ROI.

  • REMEMBER: heart disease can affect patients in any month, so consider keeping it going with a trigger campaign to drive steady volume into your cardiology service line.


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