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Featured Campaign: New Movers

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Young family moving into new homeAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau's Current Population Survey, 27.3 million Americans (8.6% of the population) moved in 2022. Stimulated by the excitement of moving and setting up a new household, they are looking to define their new list of reliable and favorite brands—from restaurants to grocery stores to doctors and hospitals. In the midst of unpacking, they are actively pursuing stability and a return to habitual, established behaviors that were left behind. New movers are also open-minded and looking to make new connections that will tie them to their new space.

New movers are starting to create purchasing habits and are ready to be imprinted with your brand. But, you need to get to them quickly and make an immediate impact by offering useful, relevant information.

Top 8 tips to kickstart your new movers campaign

  1. Timing is crucial when communicating with new movers. While they are open to suggestions and seeking information that will help them get established in their new neighborhood, there is an expiration date on it. You need to communicate with them early (and often) as you are not the only hospital trying to entice them. 

  2. The best new mover campaigns also contain multiple touches—we recommend a three-drop campaign. The messaging on these materials should build and offer more detailed, pertinent information as your relationship with them progresses. They are unlikely to need a PCP appointment during their first few months in a new home, but it might be extremely helpful if they know where the nearest urgent care is located in case of any accidents or illnesses.

  3. Personalization will give you a lift in your response rate. We are talking about more than a first name here. Use digital variable printing and make the images on the mailer look like the new family in the home. You can personalize by age range, ethnicity, and gender.

  4. Incentives and giveaways work if they are the right incentives. Individuals will be motivated to go online and fill out a form for an incentive like a small gift card or something that would be useful in their new space. When planning your incentive, be sure to choose something that is going to generate interest and encourage recipients to engage with you. Break out from the norm and get creative to get the best response.

  5. Messaging should inform, educate, and build the relationship. Remember, first impressions last forever. Consider creative that demonstrates your organization's roots within the community and positions you as the first choice among the neighbors. Be warm, welcoming, clear, and concise as you don’t want to overwhelm recipients.

  6. Reporting. Virgin Pulse's VP Activate has a comprehensive reporting system that allows you to track financial data, like contribution margin, Net Revenue, or total charges. We can tell you how many new movers were converted to patients and what service lines they used. You can look at the payer mix, a summary of campaign ROI, and other campaign statistics to gauge its performance. Reporting can begin once your new movers had a chance to make an appointment and come in and/or use your urgent care or ER. Reporting typically starts to pick up in months 4-6 after sending the campaign, but we can continue to track for as long as there are responses.

  7. Avoid holidays. Avoiding the Thanksgiving to Christmas time period can make your campaigns more efficient and help save your budget for the peak seasons.


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