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Health systems are grappling with a myriad of challenges—from finances and patient health outcomes, to rising consumer expectations and staff shortages. Health plans share similar challenges from consumers, especially as plan members continue to look for more from their health plans—including increased personalization, help with managing chronic conditions, and mental health support. ​

One thing is clear, we all share the same concern regarding the lasting impact the pandemic had on many of us. 1 in 5 adults disclosed suffering from a mental illness by the end of 2021 and 37% of primary care physicians said that their patients with chronic conditions were “in noticeably worse health resulting from the pandemic."​

With all these challenges, what is a health system or health plan to do? Consider enhancing your outreach and activation methods with a digital solution. 73% would feel most inspired to take action on their health and wellbeing virtually (through a mobile app, by phone, via the web, or via video). Additionally, organizations across the globe agree that technology is key. In fact, 99% of US-based health system leaders and 95% of their international peers agree it’s vital for their organizations to actively invest in digital transformation.

Enhance your outreach and activation methods

Meet VP Activate™, our intelligent outreach solution offering data-driven, health communications that stimulate action and deliver results.  


VP Activate is a multi-channel, multi-cycle communication solution that drives member acquisition, retention, and engagement through holistic and targeted outreach powered by advanced data modeling. With VP Activate, you can personalize motivation and impact receptivity via predictive modeling to better enable member action.

Our powerful technology supercharges your efforts




Client Spotlight: Altru Health System achieved 178:1 ROI on their multi-channel emergency department redirect campaign


Altru Health System wanted to drive patients toward the right care for their needs by directing them to use express walk-in clinics instead of the emergency department (ED). A single patient’s ED use instead of urgent care or a physician can cost Altru 10 to 12 times more, and this creates congestion during true emergencies. 

Altru partnered with Virgin Pulse to successfully deploy a multi-channel campaign that redirected patients to urgent care, driving lower healthcare costs for patients while also reducing ER congestion for Altru.


See it in action 

For health plans and health systems, the possibilities are endless.  

  • View our webinar replay to see how other health plans use VP Activate to improve member activation by using multi-channel marketing to improve the member experience and reduce risk.  
  • View our webinar replay to discover how other health systems use VP Activate to improve patient acquisition and retention.  

Interested in learning more? Contact your Account Management Team to get started.  

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