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Webinar Replay & Recap: Reporting Dashboards

Throughout the month of March, Virgin Pulse hosted several client webinars introducing our new Reporting Dashboards. Account Management Directors joined our Product Trainers as we shared this exciting addition to our Client Admin Portal. Our Reporting Dashboards optimize our clients' experience as program influencers and stakeholders by providing real-time data that is easily accessible.

The webinars covered an overview of the dashboards, a walkthrough demonstrating the ease and intuitiveness of the reports, how clients can begin to leverage this data, and some considerations and client resources.

The purpose of our Reporting Dashboards is to help our clients monitor and measure the impact of their health and wellbeing program. These new reporting tools help enhance our reporting capabilities in several ways, allowing for:

  • Greater data consolidation and alignment
  • Improved filtering across all dashboards
  • Multi-sponsor support for Health Plans and Distributors
  • Improved drill-down capabilities
  • Interactive functionality
  • Client resources and tools

We currently have four self-serve dashboards available: Engagement & Enrollment, Incentives, Coaching, and Health Check. This initial phase enhances our reporting capabilities to better align and report a member’s platform experience within these four categories.

Additional categories and dashboards will become available, along with continuous design improvements, as we continue to create a seamless reporting experience within the Virgin Pulse platform.


Engagement & Enrollment

The first dashboards provide general information about Engagement and Enrollment. These dashboards can be used to understand enrollment trends, specific benefits interest, and member activity. Some of the key metrics available include Journeys and Healthy Habits, benefits performance, engaged members, and eligible members.

TIP: At the close of each month, use this dashboard to assess Enrollment and Engagement results.



The Incentives dashboards show levels and earnings achievement across the population within specific game periods. Achievements are monitored for a selected game period (e.g., at the end of a quarterly game), and they can track total earnings, average days to reach a level, level achieved by week, and average earnings by member.

TIP: Check your Incentives dashboard at the end of each game period to discover what’s motivating members.



Our Coaching dashboards provide valuable metrics based on 13 months of data to help inform coaching priorities. These dashboards offer insight into member usage of coaching resources and track participation in coaching sessions, sessions completed per month, types of coaching sessions, and the distribution of topics discussed.

*Please note if you are not enrolled in Coaching, this dashboard will be blank when viewed. Future dashboard enhancements will hide this dashboard from clients not enrolled in Coaching.

TIP: Review the Coaching dashboard trends and results on a consistent basis to build an understanding of coaching preferences and needs over time.


Health Check

The Health Check dashboards reflect data related to our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and are used to understand completions, as well as year-over-year (YOY) changes and risk data. These dashboards keep a pulse on mental health trends and outcomes by tracking: HRA completions, YOY change in risk by health domain, distribution of risk by health domain, and average HRA risk scores.

TIP: Use the Health Check dashboard at the close of a survey period to evaluate the efficacy of your Health Risk Assessment and make data-informed adjustments.


Resources & Guides

Data definitions and user guides can be found in multiple locations throughout the Client Reporting Dashboards. Our Client Resource Center (Password: VirginPulseCRC!) provides additional information and resources for the dashboards and the Client Admin Portal.

And of course, we encourage viewing the video recording of this webinar to see the dashboards in action!


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