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Webinar replay & recap: VP Navigate

Recently, Nathan Limbach, Senior Director, Strategic Solutions - Navigation, demonstrated how you can provide your members with a simplified, connected solution that offers critical support for improving health outcomes and reducing financial burden through VP Navigate. We've cultivated the top takeaways and replay from the session - check them out below!

Over the last 20 years, we've mastered the secret sauce of how to do engagement and navigation well, and we are adding these evolved and richer components of navigation on top of a proven daily engagement solution that people already know, with 50% enrollment and users returning 21 days per month on average.

We're redefining the market. Only needing navigation tools on occasion – that’s not going to change for everyone. But now it’s built inside something members already trust.

Top takeaways

  • The Virgin Pulse solution changes to support your members in that moment and our core navigation components that you use today, works. Nearly half of active Virgin Pulse members currently visit their existing benefits page, and once there, 56% take action. In other words, people are looking to Virgin Pulse for their benefits, and are willing to take action with us.

  • With both the high-tech digital components and high touch advocacy, we see an increase in utilization, cost savings in claims, and a positive ROI, for example:

    • VP Navigate with Advocacy (Digital VP Navigate with steerage, Health and Benefit Guides)
      • 27% increase in engagement across the platform for members using guides
      • 3:1 VOI, ROI over 3 years
    • VP Navigate (Digital VP Navigate with steerage)
      • +$1,029 in claims cost savings PEPY through our engagement platform
      • $144 PEPY in savings from lower cost provider use
  • VP Navigate, is seamlessly embedded within the Homebase for Health experience where your members already go to find and access employer benefits - their first step on the path of seeking appropriate care. This evolution goes further to include advocacy from certified professionals as well as steerage to the highest quality care at the best price from our partner Healthcare Bluebook.
    • VP Navigate makes the right choice the easy choice by simplifying how members find and decide on highest value care with a comprehensive provider search
    • We provide a clear view of costs with data-driven transparency and procedure cost comparison to increase quality of care and provide crucial peace of mind
    • We consolidate benefits and health plan details (claims and accumulators and provide secure storage of ID cards all in one centralized location, alleviating stress, confusion, and distraction when seeking care
    • We incorporate health and benefits guides who help members with their advocacy needs. This hands-on approach improves health outcomes and life quality
  • Our Health and Benefits guides humanize the healthcare experience. On demand advocacy wrapped around the existing health plan is there to support a member when they need an extra set of hands. Guides help members in a number of ways, including:
    • Understanding their benefits
    • Providing assistance on the steerage tools
    • Setting appointments
    • Answering billing questions
    • Taking next steps after a screening, diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up of a medical condition from guides who are clinical care professionals with certifications, such as RNs
  • Live advocacy is incredibly important but for the member who is comfortable doing online research including finding and comparing options, the digital experience is an easy-to-use, self-service model to nudge people in the right direction. We surface the right level of data and information in the member’s healthcare journey and help steer them toward the best quality care providers with lower out-of-pocket costs.
  • Each member has an adaptive, personalized journey based on the moments that matter - to them. And Navigate is available for all your employees, even those who have not elected for health coverage, or are part time. Even if they’re not on your medical plan, they matter to you and they matter to us.


Watch the webinar replays

January 18, 2023 Session Replay


October 18, 2022 Session Replay


See it in action

We know you work hard to promote your available benefits in many ways, including webinars, signage, email, and other promotions in and out of the Virgin Pulse app. Let's take your hard work to the next level. VP Navigate can help your members overcome barriers created by lack of awareness and poor benefits utilization—which helps reduce the burden on your HR team.

Contact your Account Management Team or see it in action to learn more.

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