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Workplace health and wellbeing: People helping people

We know that member engagement with your health and wellbeing programs can fluctuate - and that's ok! But, with a little extra support, we know we can help to lessen those ebbs and flows - meet our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team.

What is Workplace Health & Wellbeing?

Virgin Pulse Workplace Health & Wellbeing Team is focused on supporting the engagement and activation of your population through dedicated support. As part of your Virgin Pulse Account Team, our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team focuses on building a culture of health, enhancing health and wellbeing engagement, and driving healthy behavior change, while supporting your full suite of health and wellbeing services. They customize the wellbeing journey by combining an individualized platform experience with localized health and wellbeing strategies and programming that better resonates with your members.

Workplace Health & Wellbeing team at a glance: 

  • Full-time and key part-time team members are hired specifically for you and your members, ensuring a strong cultural add and expertise fit.
  • Support your members in one location or multiple, either in person or virtually.
  • A dedicated partner to you, they become embedded in your company culture, providing valuable insight and perspective around client opportunities, population needs, and cultural trends.
  • Today, our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team of 80+ members supports clients across the globe, through our four core roles:
    • Health & Wellbeing Program Manager
    • Health & Wellbeing Specialist
    • Workplace Health Coach
    • Engagement Specialist

Value of Workplace Health & Wellbeing


Support to help you evolve and grow your health & wellbeing program:

  • Robust, Partner Support: An extension of the client's team
  • Cultural Integration: Provides valuable insight around cultural nuances and opportunities for support
  • Deep Subject Matter Expertise: Backed by industry expertise and our global team, 80+ experts strong
  • Enhanced Impact: Clients with Workplace roles often experience higher enrollment and engagement, plus greater client, and population satisfaction

Extra support to overcome barriers and solve challenges

We know barriers may arise as your workforce returns to the workplace, and the uncertainty of it all creates new challenges. Perhaps now more than ever, you and your team need support to overcome these challenges. Our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team offers industry expertise, assistance with coordinating efforts, and support in executing your vision to help deliver your wellbeing program to your members.

As an extension of your team, Workplace Health & Wellbeing helps you address and solve key challenges and mission-critical priorities.

From Problems

To Solutions

Limited resources

Expanded, localized support

Disparate and dispersed populations

Cohesive culture of health and wellbeing

Limited technology access or utilization

Increased awareness and utilization

Low morale

More focused, present, and productive people

Floundering vendors and Wellness Champions

Strengthened vendor and Wellness Champion partnerships


Engagement Specialists: Delivering high-value, focused solutions

You heard about the different roles within our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team, so now we want to dive deeper into one of our favorites. Meet your new Engagement Specialist.

This member of the Virgin Pulse account team delivers targeted support packages, focused on impacting your top wellbeing priorities. This solution-based role is a financially-savvy approach to workplace services, providing the opportunity to experience the best practices of our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team, through our solution packages, including:

  • Platform Launch & Post Launch Support 
  • Wellness Champions
  • Platform Localization 
  • Culture of Health 

An Engagement Specialist provides you with the expertise and experience of a solution-focused approach, with a lighter financial investment.


Don't take our word for it—hear from your peers

  • Discover how a technology client worked with their Workplace Health & Wellbeing team to increase member awareness of vendor partnerships and boost engagement—leading to a 400% increase in enrollment in Wellbeats as well as notable increases in engagement with meQuillibrium, Premise Health, and Fidelity activities.

  • See how a manufacturing client collaborated with their Workplace Health & Wellbeing team to reach a 91% completion rate for an assessment tied to reduced medical premiums and redemption of rewards.

Expanded support awaits

Whether you’re looking for assistance boosting engagement, expanding your Wellness Champion network, enhancing your company culture, or advancing your company profile as an employer of choice, Workplace Health & Wellbeing solutions can help. Contact your Account Manager to learn more or see it in action.

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