VP Live

VP Live personalizes member engagements with concierge-style, person-to-person support focused around each member’s goals for building and sustaining healthy habits toward improving personal health outcomes and preventing, managing and, in some cases, reversing chronic conditions.

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Next-Steps Consult

Built to drive up engagement in the specific content, programs, partner offerings, and services based on the scope of your employees’ unique needs, Next-Steps Consult helps members understand the best ‘next step’ for them based on their unique goals and biometric screening results and/or health assessments. Next-Steps Consult raises health awareness and connects members to the best fit Virgin Pulse and client-sponsored programs and resources.  


Health Coaching

VP Live Health Coaching facilitates an in-depth, transformational experience to address the specialized needs of your employees.

  • Our highly trained coaches blend the best of behavior change science with helping members identify their values, transforming personal wellbeing goals into tangible action. 
  • VP Live's high tech meets high touch approach enables deep integration, emphasizing choices and driving higher, sustained engagement for amplified results.

Onsite Support

Virgin Pulse Onsite Support and Virtual Program Coordinators are your go-to resource to tailor the most successful wellbeing program for your organization. 

Our onsite and virtual coordinators:

  • Serve as a VP ambassador to localize your wellbeing strategy and programs to all your sites, events and employees.  
  • Help you design the wellbeing strategies that will facilitate strong program enrollment and member engagement.
  • Localize and personalize wellbeing resources to ensure that employees gain access to the content, programs and services most relevant to their needs in the context of their work and life environments.  

Boost Engagement, Secure ROI, and Lower Benefits Costs

VP Live Coaching, VP Live Next-Steps-Consult and VP Live Onsite/Virtual Program Coordination offers clients a diverse set of live services options to optimize their member experience with the right level of individualized support.

Create the most robust and comprehensive program with all three or select the VP Live resources that best align with your specific wellbeing needs.  

Winning Combination of Customizable Technology and Empathetic Human Connection

In tandem with Virgin Pulse Platform, VP Live pairs human interactions and digital tools to deliver a cohesive member experience while improving population health across your organization. VP Live provides individualized guidance for members beyond the health assessment to better align the best set of platform resources for each member’s own life journey.

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Trusted by Top Employers Everywhere

Virgin Pulse supports 4,000 clients across 190 countries, and 84 of the Global Fortune 500.

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“Having the coaching calls gives me accountability to recognize the things I need to work on and come up with a plan. My coach continues to reinforce the plan so I can be successful. Instead of judging me, the coach says, ‘Let me help you be more realistic’ and ‘What would be more manageable for you?’”

Angel, VP Live program participant

Unparalleled Coaching-Led
Health Outcomes

67% of high-risk members reduced glucose values by 10% or moved below 126 mg/dL working with a coach and digital tools. Just 52% achieved the same working with only digital tools.

30% of high-risk members are no longer tobacco users after working with a coach in addition to digital tools. Just 20% quit tobacco using digital tools alone.

45% of high-risk members improved their GAD-7* score (Mild<5, Moderate< 10, Severe <15), a measure of anxiety, by 45% between their first coaching call and calls 4-5.​

Resources for Health Coaching and Wellbeing

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Coaching Meets Members Where They Are

Drive engagement and accountability at a grassroots level and boost participation and usage of all your benefit offerings. 

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Research: The ROI of Wellbeing Programs

Forrester Research reveals key business results that organizations are achieving with Virgin Pulse's corporate wellness program.

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Employee Wellness Program Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide: Workplace Wellness Programs

Access this roadmap to confidently choose the best technology partner for your organization's corporate wellness program.

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