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VP Transform

VP Transform is Virgin Pulse's growing collection of digital therapeutics for condition prevention and condition management. VP Transform addresses the most preventable and most costly chronic conditions by leveraging the combination of digital tools, connected hardware, and expert health coaching to save clients thousands of dollars per person per year as members mitigate the risk of developing serious illness through targeted lifestyle change programs.

Evidence-Based Solutions with Proven Effectiveness

Each program in VP Transform’s suite of digital therapeutic solutions employs a behavior change philosophy that embraces moderate, sustainable, and steady lifestyle changes that last long after the programs are complete.

VP Transform for Prediabetes

  • A digital diabetes prevention program (DPP) recognized by the CDC year after year for achieving the industry's best weight loss and engagement outcomes

  • Benefit from an elevated experience which includes more 1:1 health coach time, connection to the Virgin Pulse ecosystem, and a proven track record of success

  • Offered at a rate that is 30% less than other digital therapeutics for prediabetes

VP Transform for Weight Management

  • An evidence-based digital therapeutic for overweight and obese adults that is backed by decades of research

  • Offered at a 30% discount compared to other digital weight management programs, our clients get more for their investment with VP Transform for Weight Management

  • Effectively combines personalized health coaching, connected wearable devices, social support, behavior tracking tools, and interactive learning modules to empower members to build long-lasting lifestyle habits that promote health and weight management for life

Market-leading results.
Extraordinary health outcomes.

Expand your Homebase for Health® with VP Transform for your populations at-risk of developing chronic conditions.


Participants said they liked their
VP Transform program experience.


More effective than industry standard weight loss outcomes, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA).


Costs 30% less than other digital therapeutic solutions for weight management.


VP Transform offers a competitive rate of approximately 30% less than competitors for our platform customers and 10% less than our competitors for standalone.

Lower price point than competitors.



Industry’s top engagement and health outcomes as evidenced by various studies, internal client reviews, and recognition from CDC.

VP Transform outperforms the industry’s weight loss average by 51%.


More 1:1 Health Coach Time

Each member gets more time with their health coach than competitors.

VP Transform health coaches dedicate between 150% to 300% more time to each participant.


Attractive Payment Models

Virgin Pulse makes it easy to invest in prevention with attractive payment models including:

  • Pay for Performance
  • Bill as a Medical Claim
Research confirms that preventing the onset of late-stage diseases can reduce annual healthcare costs by thousands of dollars per person and generate significant ROI for payers. Curtail the rising costs of chronic conditions with VP Transform, an evidence-based digital therapeutic with industry-leading engagement and outcomes at an affordable price point and pay only when your members engage meaningfully.
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Connected Healthcare Experience

VP Transform is connected to the Virgin Pulse ecosystem and is easy to administer and access. Enjoy the simplicity of a connected experience with your broader health management platform and avoid the hassle of one more point solution.


COVID-19 Risk

Much of what places us at risk for poor COVID-19 outcomes is preventable. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease are leading risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness and mortality. Minimize the harm of COVID-19 in your at-risk population by addressing modifiable lifestyle behaviors through a complete digital therapeutic solution for at-risk populations.


Evidence-based Solutions with Proven Effectiveness

A targeted approach to behavior change with a proven track record of success and best-in-class outcomes. VP Transform embraces sustainable and steady lifestyle modifications that last long after the program is complete.

Trusted by Leading Organizations Everywhere

Virgin Pulse supports 4,000 clients across 190 countries, and 84 of the Global Fortune 500.

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"The only way I can describe my experience is that it has been a miracle. I've tried to lose weight before, only to gain it back. With VP Transform, I'm not only losing weight, I'm learning the tools I need to continue the weight loss and lead a healthier lifestyle."
Val, VP Transform Program Member

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