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Smart solutions to address expensive chronic conditions

A winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and create a framework for successful use of GLP-1s

Financial benefits and lasting health outcomes



Embedded within personalized, daily use health and wellbeing solution



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Transform outperforms similar programs' weight loss avg by 49%

Validated results

Industry’s top engagement and health outcomes as evidenced by various studies, internal client reviews, and recognition from CDC.

VP Transform outperforms similar programs’ weight loss average by 49%.

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VP Transform collection of digital therapeutics for prediabetes, weight management, and blood pressure

A winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and create a framework for successful use of GLP-1s

Virgin Pulse closes care gaps and empowers members to manage their own health

VP Transform collection is now integrated into your Homebase for Health®. 

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We shift population health

Only Virgin Pulse supports the continuum of health needs, starting with wellbeing and prevention.
Controlling costs requires shifting population health, which starts and ends with wellbeing.
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Evidence-based pathways and interventions

With deep expertise across multiple chronic conditions and wellbeing,
Virgin Pulse provides customized support to meet our members' long-term health needs.
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Behavior change + integrated care

Virgin Pulse's Homebase for Health now includes the VP Transform collection.
This integration consolidates solutions for administrators and gives members access to best-in-class whole-person health and wellbeing support daily.
Live Coaching


Multimodal 1:1 health coach time

VP Transform delivers an optimal blend of human support and digital tools to help members build and solidify healthy habits.

Chronic condition resources

Changing lives for good

See better employee engagement, reduced healthcare costs, and long-term outcomes with Virgin Pulse.

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Transform Digital Therapeutics (DTx) FAQs

Are all digital therapeutics the same? 

DTx products deliver medical interventions directly to patients. As such, digital therapeutics undergo rigorous testing and are held to the same standards of evidence and regulatory requirements as traditional medical treatments. DTx products generally align with one of three categories: treat, manage, or prevent a disease (which includes directly improving health function).  

Virgin Pulse’s suite of digital therapeutic solutions, VP Transform, is integrated within a whole-person engagement platform to help the member improve their own health at a lower cost to you. Members receive proactive support and scienced-backed intervention before chronic care needs arise and support self-management, improving clinical health outcomes. 

How do DTx solutions demonstrate an impact on employee health outcomes? 

Through focused, evidence-based programming, DTx solutions directly impact employee health outcomes by improving modifiable lifestyle risk factors for costly chronic conditions like weight, physical activity, eating patterns, stress management, and more.  

VP Transform includes consumer-grade behavior-tracking tools to reinforce sustainable healthy habits for improved outcomes and connected hardware like a Wi-Fi-enabled scale, activity tracker, and/or blood pressure monitor (depending on the program) for validated endpoints. 

How can digital therapeutic platforms be seamlessly integrated into existing workplace benefits, corporate wellness programs, and healthcare offerings? 

Unlike many digital therapeutic point solutions, VP Transform is seamlessly integrated within Virgin Pulse’s world-class digital platform with leading engagement for a comprehensive one-stop experience for all things health, wellbeing, and navigation. With the daily engagement driven by our holistic wellbeing tools, we engage people proactively before care needs arise. 

What strategies do DTx solutions employ to encourage participation, maintain engagement, and create successful behavior change over time? 

DTx solutions deliver an evidence-based combination of multi-point software and coaching to reduce the risk of or manage a condition. By providing multiple points of intervention along the journey, including monitoring, medication adherence, behavioral engagement, one-to-one coaching, and personalized health recommendations, DTx programs provide accountability and empower sustained participation and behavior change over time.  

How do digital therapeutics ensure compliance with privacy regulations and protect employees’ sensitive health information? 

Digital therapeutics provide a convenient, accessible, and scalable mode of health risk reduction and disease prevention and, as such, abide by rigorous privacy regulations to protect participants’ sensitive health information.  

Virgin Pulse maintains the following security compliances and certifications, which extend to VP Transform: HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO27001, SOC2 Type 2, PCI DSS, TRUSTe, APEC-CBPR, and PIPEDA. 

How do DTx solutions reduce healthcare costs? 

DTx solutions reduce healthcare costs by focusing on condition prevention and management and mitigating health risks to avoid costly chronic conditions and serious illnesses. Programs are delivered in tech-enabled modalities that extend access to affordable care and preventive health support.  

Controlling healthcare costs requires shifting population health, which requires engaging people in their health and wellbeing as early and as often as possible. Virgin Pulse has decades of experience and expertise engaging the healthy to keep them healthy, shifting population health trends for moderate risk, and effective, positive, lasting change for those in high risk. With VP Transform, participants can access virtually unlimited pathways to better wellbeing before, during, and after the program is complete. 

How do DTx products support population health? 

Digital therapeutics provide members access to clinically proven treatment options outside of traditional care settings, expanding access to needed medical care. By directly delivering medical interventions to members, tracking progress, and reporting outcomes, DTx products create substantial value in improving population health. 

Which digital therapeutics does Virgin Pulse offer?