Reverse the costly risk of prediabetes and chronic disease

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Chronic conditions don't exist in silos - help your people reverse their diagnosis and take back their lives

Our members benefit from personalized, proactive support and evidence-based interventions to help prevent and limit the risk of serious chronic conditions. These are facilitated by a tech-powered, comprehensive care path and team with long-term outcomes.

Transform Prediabetes is part of a winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and create a framework for successfully using GLP-1s.

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Proven Clinical Outcomes: Virgin Pulse's Transform Prediabetes, recognized by the CDC as a top-performing program 12 times and counting

I went for my annual physical and my doctor said I am no longer in the danger zone for diabetes!
Transform participant, week 16

Virgin Pulse closes gaps in care to help members
with diabetes prevention

We’ll help you enroll the 85% of those unaware of their diabetes risk. Transform Prediabetes is now integrated into your Homebase for Health®


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Transformative outcomes that last



Embedded within personalized, daily use health and wellbeing solution



Participants achieving program goals cut their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%



Transform outperforms similar programs' weight loss avg by 49%, according to the American Diabetes Association

Validated results

Industry’s top engagement and health outcomes as evidenced by various studies, internal client reviews, and recognition from CDC.

Published research on Virgin Pulse's Transform Prediabetes:



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Members receive proactive prevention support and science-backed intervention to prevent type 2 diabetes

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Transform Prediabetes

Comprehensive care path designed to promote self-efficacy

Your people are supported by:

Transform care - the first 6 months

  • Core evidence-based programming to build healthy behaviors 
  • Condition-specific peer groups and communities
  • Multimodal coaching

Transform for Life - the next 6 months

  • Maintenance programming to reinforce lifelong healthy habits
  • Condition-specific peer groups and communities
  • Multimodal coaching


Personalized, CDC-recognized curriculum

Holistic lesson plans

Self-paced learning modules include quizzes, action plans, and self-reflection. Topics cover all dimensions of wellbeing.

Photo-enabled food log

Easy-to-use photo-enabled food log encourages better tracking and provides intrinsic motivation.

Connected smart devices
  • Digital health, wellbeing, and navigation platform - one place for daily engagement

  • Auto-synced smart scale

  • Activity tracker


Trusted, human support

One-on-one sessions with a health coach

Deep expertise and personalized support from certified coaches:

  • CDC-certified Lifestyle Coaches
  • NBHWC-approved coach training
  • Whole person approach
  • Multimodal coaching
  • Convenient online scheduling
Achievable plans for lasting outcomes
  • By design, the program encourages long-lasting changes to health behaviors

  • Achieving program goals drives better outcomes for your population

  • Delivered as part of daily use health, wellbeing, and navigation platform to maximize ongoing support



VP Transform collection of digital therapeutics for prediabetes, weight management, and blood pressure.

A winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and create a framework for successfully using GLP-1s.

Virgin Pulse resources for chronic disease prevention

Changing lives for good

See better employee engagement, reduced healthcare costs, and long-term outcomes with Virgin Pulse. Request my demo →

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Transform Prediabetes Digital Therapeutics (DTx) FAQs

Why do companies offer digital therapeutics for prediabetes to their employees?

Offering digital therapeutics for prediabetes to employees has several potential advantages both for employee health and the company.

  1. Employee health and well-being: Prediabetes is a condition that, if not well managed, can progress to type 2 diabetes[4%5E]. Digital therapeutics offer a number of components that aid in disease management, such as behavioral engagement, personalized coaching, and medication adherence[1%5E], all of which can help employees identify symptoms of prediabetes, build daily healthy habits, and potentially even reverse its onset[4%5E].

  2. Improved outcomes: These digital health treatments have demonstrated proven effectiveness and positive health outcomes[2%5E], contributing to the workforce's overall health and productivity.

  3. Cost savings: Prediabetes and diabetes lead to significant healthcare costs. By investing in preventive measures like digital therapeutics, companies could potentially see a reduction in these costs in the long run.

  4. Increased employee retention and attraction: Companies are increasingly turning to digital therapeutic offerings as a component of their benefits plan because employees and potential candidates are putting more emphasis on health and well-being[5%5E].

Overall, the inclusion of digital therapeutics for prediabetes in an employer's benefits plan can represent a proactive step towards supporting employee health – potentially leading to improved health outcomes, cost savings, enhanced productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

How successful are DTx solutions in preventing the progression from prediabetes to type 2 diabetes? 

Studies show that DTx solutions like Transform Prediabetes can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58% in adults with prediabetes and 71% for people over 60 by helping participants achieve a clinically significant and sustainable weight. 

How do digital therapeutics programs ensure continued engagement and accommodate the individual needs and preferences of diverse employees with prediabetes? 

Digital therapeutics programs promote sustained engagement by giving participants affordable access to various user-friendly, tech-enabled tools and personalized coaching support. 

Unique to Virgin Pulse, the Transform Prediabetes experience is conveniently embedded within our daily wellbeing solution, consolidating employee health benefits for seamless, stress-free access. 

Beyond the digital platform, what kind of support does Transform Prediabetes offer to support employees? 

To best meet individuals where they are with their personal goals and interaction preferences, Transform Prediabetes provides unmatched multimodal coaching support with convenient self-scheduling and unlimited coach messaging. Coaches provide personalized whole-person support that complements Transform’s evidence-based curriculum, all purposefully structured to build healthy behaviors over time, cement positive habits, and support self-efficacy for long-term health transformation. 

How user-friendly is the platform?  

Virgin Pulse has a decades-long track record of designing intuitive and innovative user experiences that keep members coming back and Transform Prediabetes is no exception.

With a fresh and inviting interface easily accessible from the user’s Homebase for Health, consumer-grade behavior tracking tools, Wi-Fi-enabled devices for automatic health stat syncing, photo-enabled food log, self-paced learning modules, and more, Transform Prediabetes encourages the kind of sustained engagement that produces results. 

How does Transform Prediabetes monitor and measure clinical outcomes such as weight loss and increased physical activity? 

Transform Prediabetes includes a connected scale and activity tracker for participants, enabling reliable measuring and monitoring of validated endpoints throughout the program.